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Pro Affordable, powerful, very durable, don't need to chop up or peel the fruit/veg - juices it whole
Cons White plastic has stained, loud, awkward to clean
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"Philips HR1854 Juicer"

I have had this juicer for around a year and a half now and I bought it because I was on a health kick at the time and had heard about juicing and how good it is for you. This juicer was one of the cheapest that I came across when I was looking around for one, and after comparing it to the others I decided to buy this one as it had the best reviews and looked nicer than the others in the same price range.

I purchased the juicer from Amazon and paid around £48 if I remember correctly. It is not currently available on amazon but looking online now I can see that it is available from a variety of shops, with prices ranging from around £45 to £75. Believe it or not this is quite cheap for a whole fruit juicer and a lot of others that I've seen are well over £100. Although this is a good juicer and it does what I need it to do, it is not perfect, however for the price that I paid I think it is good value. I got a freebie with my juicer too - a diet book by Jason vale called 7 pounds in 7 days.

Philips have got quite a wide range of juicers and when I was comparing them all, this one was the cheapest which is why I chose this make over the others. The juicer is a whole fruit juicer which means that you don't need to peel or chop up your fruits and vegetables before juicing them, you just drop them down the chute. The juicer is not the most expensive or nicest looking juicer as it is white, which I think looks quite cheap compared to the other Philips juicers which are available in a wider range of colours such as silver, which looks much more expensive.

This white one however isn't ugly and although it is a bit cheap looking it doesn't look really cheap, it is just very basic. The juicer when I first got it came boxed and you get a plastic jug which the juice goes in to, I also got a pulp separator which was a plastic thing that went over the jug and separated the juice but I somehow lost this, which means I have to use a spoon to get all of the froth and foam off of the juice. The other attachments are the pulp collector which goes at the back, a plastic base which attaches to the main part of the machine, the metal part which grinds up the fruit/veg - this has got a mesh thing around it and it is very awkward to clean.

There is then the plastic shoot part which is basically like a large plastic lid with a chute on the top, this covers the top of the machine and also the top of the pulp collector and it is secured by two things either side. It is important that you secure this properly else I think there would be a lot of mess if you juiced without it properly secured. There is then a plastic spout which is removable so it can be cleaned, this is quite awkward to slot in at first but I got the hang of it quite quickly. You also get a large plastic tube which is textured at the bottom. This is used to push down the fruit and vegetables.

The juicer has got a dial on the front which you can turn either left or right, the left one is for soft fruits and vegetables (for example: oranges) and hard fruit and vegetables such as cucumber, celery and so on. You don't need to hold the dial down - all you need to do is turn it to the setting you want and once you've finished juicing turn it back to the default setting in the middle which will stop the machine from juicing.

The machine is very easy to use, it plugs in to the wall and when you want to use it you turn the dial to the high power or low power setting. The juicer is loud and it is very powerful, it can juice a whole cucumber within about 5 seconds and it can also juice whole apples very easily. The only thing I've had a problem with juicing is spinach but I've found that if I sandwich the spinach in-between two apples a lot more juice is extracted, if I don't do this a whole bag of spinach will produce about a tablespoon of juice whereas if I do, it will fill about 1/3 of the jug. You can juice almost all types of fruit and vegetables in the juicer however you can't juice bananas or avocados because the texture of them clogs up the machine.

Taking the juicer apart takes no more than 2 minutes but cleaning it takes me at least ten minutes, the mesh part is the most awkward to clean. This is what really lets the juicer down because I enjoy making a juice and my son enjoys watching me juicing as he likes seeing all of the different colours of the fruit and veg coming out, but the clean-up is time consuming and not very practical when I am in a rush and I can't really just leave it until I get home from work as the pulp will dry in the mesh, so it needs cleaning pretty much as soon as you've juiced. I've found that by putting a plastic bag in the pulp collector (a tip I came across online) this minimises the mess quite significantly. I have seen a few tips online which include making huge batches of juices and then freezing them, which means you get lots of juice but only need to clean the juicer once which I think I might try.

Overall, this is an affordable, powerful juicer which is durable and very good quality. I have had mine for over a year and it is still in good working condition, the motor hasn't burnt out or anything. The juicer does have a few marks on it which show up because of the bright white coloured plastic, these are from juicing beetroot and not cleaning it immediately afterwards. Apart from that my juicer still looks almost as good as new, I've had no problems with it at all and for the price that I paid I've been happy with the quality.

The juicer is not 100% perfect in that it is loud, awkward to clean and it doesn't juice leafy vegetables very well unless they are sandwiched between a couple of apples, and also I do need to use quite a lot of fruit and veg to get a jug full of juice so it is a more expensive way of drinking juice but it is a lot better for you as you can also juice vegetables as well as fruit and the juice is fresh so if is full of live nutrients & vitamins.

Something that I have also noticed is that the pulp is always quite wet rather than dry which shows that the juicer has not extracted all of the liquid it could have done which all of the more expensive juicers do, but considering the price I think that the amount of juice that it does extract is a good amount and not too much goes to waste. All in all I am going to give this juicer 4 out of 5 stars, and I recommend it.

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  • KateHurst published 26/11/2013
    Seems like a good one - I've got a smoothie maker but it doesn't have a built-in juicer, it just blends, so these are unchartered territory for me.
  • Coloneljohn published 22/11/2013
    An excellent review. John
  • Chippytarka published 20/11/2013
    Great detailed review!x
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