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[U]Safe, fast and easy Nose and Ear Trimmer[/U] The Philips Nose and Ear Trimmer uses a powerful precision micro-trimmer for a safe, fast and

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published 28/01/2012 | Nar2
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Pro Lightweight, easy to use, uses only one battery, waterproof, 2 cutting guards.
Cons Can be dangerous, no carry case to store the guards or protective cap, not as good as others.
Quality of shave
Value for money

"Sleek, Silver and Should Be Professional!"

The gift pack Norelco edition that so easily could have become standard issue.

The gift pack Norelco edition that so easily could have become standard issue.

I wasn't expecting much in my Christmas stocking 2010 in terms of gadgets, although the inevitable Yankee Candle tarts make great stocking fillers and I got quite a few as well as some interesting little gadgets for my computer and then, a rather large box that I thought could well have turned out to be an electric toothbrush. Like Baylis and Harding bath products being overstocked on supermarket shelves this year for Christmas, the Philips Nose and Ear Trimmer NT9110 was one of many products overstocked LAST Christmas. Every pharmacy I visited seemed to have this product on a shelf and even visiting Makro had a whole aisle dedicated to this trimmer! It was as if a nose trimmer had never existed in the UK! Trouble is, for most buyers who think they've never seen one before, this isn't my first hair grabbing gadget that is designed to cut out the hairy noses and ears of men. This, for me will be my third nose and ear hair trimmer even though my first foray into nose hair trimmers came at the expense of a wonderful silver domed (and may I say dildo lookalike) gadget from Babyliss, a product that I've not been able to find since I bought my own back in 2007 and following on from that with a poor imitation from Argos brand "Visiq," which had a hunger for batteries and kept overheating. I've needed another trimmer for travelling/work purposes, whilst retaining the Babyliss at home and Santa came up trumps with this product!

Nar2's Quick Skip Product Spec

  • Waterproof and washable blade.
  • Comes with 1 AA Philips battery.
  • 2 different length trimming combs supplied for eyebrows.
  • Cleaning brush supplied & bottle of lubrication oil.
  • Claims to have a "guarded system against nicks & cuts."
  • 2 year guarantee and long angled head for easy access.
  • Price in 2010 £6-50 to £16-99 "Norelco" with case model.
  • Price in 2012 (£7 to £16) £7-87, £10-99 Argos product code 441/5976. Similar model available with carry case and additional metal implements £16 to £23.

The Price, The Product & The Promise

Firstly the price of this gadget is probably good value for money - but it really depends on where you buy this from. Online at Amazon, the 2012 prices range from £7-87 all the way to £16 from different sellers, whilst Argos has a fixed price of around £11. But, before you go and order one don't think for a minute that the Philips is all alone in what it offers. There are other brands who have the exact design but at the time, this model by Philips looked and felt better than the rest on the features it sported and from the way it has been built.

In fact, Philips would like to probably think that their new model is unique and brings a new force for men with hairy noses, moustache lines, hairy ears and anything else where hair grows facially and is unwanted, likewise with women who like to additionally trim their eyebrows which this model claims it can do other than purely hairy noses and hairy ears. I have an aunt who suffers from hairs on her neck and she found the Philips better to use for flyaway hair. In a way the NT9110 has a unique function of doing this because it has an angled cutting head that stands out on its own, looking quite vulnerable - as if it stands out there on its own looking to swipe hair - and the cutter blades are micro to look at similar to the trimmer cutter for beards you'd find on any expensively priced Philips/Philishave men's shaver with that additional function. This makes it more unique than the horizontal triple rotational blade on the Babyliss, but is no way any different when it comes to actual use or actual size of the whole appliance, which in this case, measures 15cm whilst the blade cutter is 1.5cm long. The Philips is a slim looking product - it feels good in the hand thanks to it soft metal meets rubber design and the tactile delight of gun metal grey and black rubber contrast with a silver band at the top gives the Philips a classy appearance.

The difference with my old Babyliss is that this Philips model is well made with a brushed metallic grey base and a rubberised top, overall creating a well made feel for the price - as well as the fact that it looks like a man's gadget and nothing else untoward!

Performance & "That" Philips User Manual

In use, the Philips doesn't look very strange until you try and use it. The slim angled head means it is particularly easy to wedge into a nostril to catch all the nose hair and ear hair in particular is very easy to use given the long, slim head with the tapered edge. However, the length of the head can be disconcerting to use when doing my nose, as I always fear that the trimmer will cut far more of my nose inside than it needs to go and the motor only produces a low whine and grating action when the trimmer blades reach the hair. The Babyliss horizontal blade doesn't suffer from this since it has a natural push-up-pull-down action with a stubbier head that has a far more natural fitting design which only goes up your nose so far - that also gets the job done faster too - but the Philips pushes the natural tendency to see how far this cutter will go - and it isn't something I'm inclined to find out.

Infact, I found it is possible to nick skin with this kind of "shaver" against the far more conventional and safer spinning triple round blade, which is further protected on the Babyliss. I managed to nick myself with the Philips, which caused a small cut in my nostril giving me a lovely smell of rotten bloody for most of the New Year, not helped by a cold where the excessive force of blowing my nose made the impact of the cut more apparent. For a more modern trimmer, the Philips should have a thicker head on it to stop the cutter from being pushed further up the nose canal and a shorter length of actual blades. It excels at trimming hair in the ears and other areas, but for what it is supposed to do for nose hair, strangely doesn't come across as being better designed - and it baulks against Philips' claims that the "guarded system" is safe from getting cuts.

There would be a better performance if Philips offered a straight head rather than constantly trying to use this trimmer at an angle. I found it disconcerting when trying to do neck hair with this trimmer and trying to get the Philips into my ears the first time had to be done in front of a mirror!

The user manual for the Philips is the typical fold out "find your country" thin paper booklet that turns into an unhelpful large wall planner sheet until you find the UK instructions - not to mention the same awkward guarantee booklet and other hoof booklets about world voltage! All very well if the trimmer had a mains point but it doesn't! All you get is a single AA battery, a Duracell type on looks but "Philips" branded when you open the box, so it helpfully gives you an instant-ready-to-use aspect. Whilst the wording could be made larger in the user manuals, there are good and clear diagrams shown on what you get in the box (you get an additional cleaning brush and a bottle of lubrication oil) in terms of the cutting guards but the user manual is unsuccessful in showing which side of the guard is for cutting the hair - and it comes down to experimenting with the two plastic guards on offer if you want to trim your hair. Sadly I've seen very little difference when it came to trimming my eye brows - something I seldom do unless hair meets in the middle and I'm about to turn into a were wolf or lovable Gruffalo - between the two cutting guards there's little indication of whether the flatter side of the guard or rounded part should be pushed alongside the hair - despite a poor diagram showing this in the user manual.


So for all intents and purposes, despite having the extra large or small eye brow trimming combs on offer, they're really not much use to begin with and there's no where to store them either. This is where one of the main issues about this product is brought in to question why no carry case was ever given for this product? There's no where to store the trimming combs or the protective cap when this trimmer is being used - and that's a big marketing mistake as well as a most unhelpful aspect - especially if travelling or working away from home for long periods. As such I've had to keep the box this gadget comes in as its inlay plastics have built in trays for the guards to rest in when not being used. Granted, this is the kind of gadget that may probably be used once a month or every two months, but my product box has already become dog-eared, scruffy looking whilst the acrylic insert sleeve is looking past its best that keeps all the bits in, falling out at the front of the product box.


As with my Babyliss Nose and Ear hair trimmer, the Philips NT9110 is completely waterproof as well as the head being wash proof. However, for the price here Philips could have been wiser here to add a bit more onto this gadget like mains cord socket giving men at least the opportunity, to use this gadget along with their Philips shaver at the same time whilst twisting the base to switch it on can be unclear because the indicators are in black and could have been silver painted here to make it clearer.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the Philips NT9110 nose and ear trimmer is a good product to consider, but in my experience it is not the best. Slim, flush fitting and able to trim hair of all means, it is quite a versatile product with the bonus of being utterly waterproof and comes with a battery to get you started. However it isn't very safe thanks to its vulnerable longer than needed blade cutter and with no case provided to store the bits away, overtime its extra cutting choices may well become limited as the guards get lost. It isn't as good as my old Babyliss or as safer - for a model that is effectively five years newer than my Babyliss on design, I was expecting more here, especially from a brand that should know how to do men's trimmer products! Argos did have a gift pack available at £15-99 at the end of 2011 which included a whole kit of scissors and tweezers - including the blessed carry pack/pouch - which would have made a far more effective product to consider had Philips originally put this on the market without the extra implements but definately with a much needed travel case. When they can do it with their battery toothbrushes or battery shaver, there really is no excuse to why they couldn't have supplied one for this trimmer. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2012

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  • Novabug published 01/02/2012
    Ha, I have the babyliss one of this, no case though. :)
  • catsholiday published 29/01/2012
    Looks like an electronic nose picker!! Excellent consumer review
  • marymoose99 published 29/01/2012
    Excellent review!
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[U]Safe, fast and easy Nose and Ear Trimmer[/U] The Philips Nose and Ear Trimmer uses a powerful precision micro-trimmer for a safe, fast and

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