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I have very time to spend drying my hair, so normally leave it to dry overnight and deal with the curly mass in the morning but, since Iíve been dying my hair bright red itís become a bit of an occupational hazard to leave it overnight which has resulted in many of my pillow cases turning a nice shade of red! So my good old hair dryer has had to come out, to save my poor bed linen from going a nice shade of pink after itís been washed a few times Ė and well to save me money as well, bed linen isnít exactly the cheapest of things unfortunately!


The makers of all things hair, shampoo and conditioner Ė the hairbrush I reviewed a few days ago, and many other products in between Ė hair dryers and straighteners, Iím sure Iíve also seen curlers in their repertoire of products. They arenít a company that are shy to get their name out there when it comes to hair care products Ė which is justified when you see how well they fly out of the shops. Personally never been a fan of their shampooís and styling products, but their electric hair stylers are a total different story!

My Hair Dryer

Now this hair dryer is a bit better than basic, itís not really fancy but it has various settings that make it worth the money really. Youíve got two settings for heat, which are quite easily distinguished in temperature, the first selection on the panel on the right is the off section, push the slot up one and youíll get a low temperature. Which is somewhat like a nice warm breeze on holiday, just a bit stronger, and the next slot up which is the hottest youíll get the temperature, is a bit hotter to be honest and have that too close to your scalp and youíll be feeling it for a little while Ė Iíve done it too many times youíd have thought since Iíve had this hairdryer since 2008 that I would have learnt my lesson by now. Obviously not though, since Iíve melted a comb by holding it too close to the nozzle before now! There are also two power settings on the left hand side of the handle, situated next to the heat settings, they are low and high blower settings. The low, well it isnít a lot of use, unless youíve just been outside and got caught in a bit of rain and only have damp hair. The high setting, is fantastic Ė my hair is average thickness and just below my shoulders and takes about five to ten minutes to dry; itís a powerful setting but it wonít blow your head off I promise, mines still on four years later, but it would take a lot to make me use the lower setting on just washed hair because it just wouldnít be worth it, it would take half hour to dry and I donít need much more prolonged exposure to high heat on my hair!

The combination of the high heat, and high power makes for the fastest blow drying Ė but thatís pretty obvious really. The lower heat and power are for if youíve got caught in the rain, or just have damp hair from towel drying Ė itís not powerful enough or hot enough to get anything more out of it unfortunately.

There is also a turbo boost, which takes the highest power and makes it higher, but the button for that is awkwardly placed if you want to hold it on while you dry and style at the same time; itís ok if youíre happy just drying and then leaving it to do its thing. I find when I use it I have to hold the button on sideways and it does get a bit painful if you need to use it for a long time, itíll work on either of the heat settings, but feels a little bit pointless on the lower one because it doesnít really make it dry much faster; but it depends how thick your hair is and how long it is Ė with mine taking a while to dry with a normal conventional hair dryer, the boost helps, but if you have quite thin hair a boost on the low heat setting would probably get it over and done with quite quickly. Then there is also the cold setting, which is another button above the turbo boost Ė which is meant to freeze hair styles in place with a sharp blast of cold air. However, donít use it straight after youíve been using the heat section because it will be warm air, rather than a bit of cold. Even saying that itís not freezing cold when you blast it onto a hairstyle admittedly, it does make a bit of a difference but itís never going to be an alternative to hairspray. On my hair though it does help, because when I have my hair curly itís notorious for falling out within an hour Ė but when I remember my hairdryer has this function I do use it and it helps to keep my curls in that little bit longer. Especially when teamed with an entire bottle of hairspray! So this hairdryer claims that it helps to protect hair from damage when you dry it with this EHD technology; which is meant to evenly distribute hot air to all parts of the hair so you are not damaging your hair. Now I donít know quite if thatís all that true really, because surely a hair dryer is hot air directly on your hair and will make it damaged slightly regardless? I mean my hair gets split ended a lot naturally from over colouring and over straightening but, donít think this hair dryer has made a massive amount of difference since Iíve been using it Ė though Iíve been using it more over the past few weeks, and my hairdresser did notice that my hair is in better quality. I just think thatís down to a better diet, so not sure if it makes any difference but if it helps you justify blow drying your hair every day then go for it!

With this hair dryer you also get the Ionic Breeze feature, which is a little button at the bottom of the dryer that you slide across and the blue light on the top will switch on to let you know youíve turned it on. Itís meant to make it so that your hair less frizzy and static, and make it more shiny and manageable Ė itís a bit of a con really I think, because it depends how good your shampoo and conditioner are. Or if you use a frizz taming serious you put in wet hair, so donít let that rule your decision if you are considering what hair dryer to buy. Cleaning this hair dryer is quite easy actually, there is a panel on the back of the dryer that is silver that you can pull off for easy cleaning, itís really simple thing to do, though if you only use it a couple of times a week it doesnít really get that dirty or full of hair Ė I clean mine once a month or so just to make sure I donít get any dirty or anything weird when Iím drying my hair. This hairdryer is pretty good in general really, itís never going to be perfect because no one can ever make a hairdryer perfect for everyoneís hair. Itís got a loop on it which means you can hang up the dryer if you have it somewhere that you can store it; and the cable is 3m long Ė so you can drag it across the room if youíve got plug sockets too far away from a mirror or where you wish to dry your hair. It works quite nicely for me across from my plug socket to my mirror Ė to Iíve never had a problem using it.

Itís an easy to use hairdryer with easily sliding function buttons, and with two buttons on the top and one on the bottom. The handle is comfortable, and itís not too heavy, itís black and silver Ė itís quite a nice hairdryer really and even when I bought it 4 years ago it looked good, didnít cost too much and well itís lasted really wellÖ I canít praise this hair dryer enough for that. Iíve not had a better hair dryer and well Iíll not be buying a new one anytime soon, because I think this one has a good few years left in it yet Ė if you can get hold of one itís well recommended, despite its downfalls, that are more random technology than anything else!

Price and Availability

This hairdryer is quite hard to get hold of now actually, it is available on a website called Morgan111Morgan for £22.99 Iíve not seen it in Boots or Superdrug recently Ė so Iím guessing itís not widely available anymore. It will be on eBay though for varying prices, it might be hard to get hold off but itís well worth a buy!
Pictures of Philips TRESemme Hairdryer 2100W
Philips TRESemme Hairdryer 2100W Philips TRESemme Hairdryer 2100W
My 4 year old dryer :)
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