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published 18/09/2004 | charis18uk
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"The Enigma of Epilation"

You spend half your time trying to get rid of it and the rest of the time trying to style, wash it, iron it and spray so much gunk on it that it can’t move. Hair is truly the bane of the modern woman. There are various options to eliminate the ‘enemy’ depending on the type and locality of the hair. Some methods are simple and pain free others are for the insane and sectionable. Options generally come down to:

Funky Depilatory Creams
Cosmetic Surgery (E.G. Laser Treatment)
Being Hairy

This review deals with epilation and the ‘Philips Satinelle Super Sensitive’.

The Philips website claims:

‘This Satinelle Super Sensitive epilator uses a double active
pain softening system that massages, stretches and relaxes the skin,
masking the feel of epilation and reducing the discomfort often associated with it.’

Now there are a big words and generalised statements made within this description, the keywords that initially stand out are: MASSAGES, RELAXES, SOFTENING.

The words that you should listen to are: PAIN, STRETCHES, DISCOMFORT oh yes and PAIN.

The fact is that no matter how you wrap it up epilation HURTS. It’s not a cry your eyes out I think I am dying pain. It’s more a ‘Do I have to shave my legs today!?!’ or an eye watering try not to sweat too much (because it hinders epilation) hold your breath for five seconds type of pain. However, if you actually think about what that pretty pink little machine is actually doing, you realise that it jolly well should hurt!

Epilation is basically plucking a mass of hairs out very quickly from the root. If you haven’t got baby soft skin it also occasionally means snagging on bits of skin too.

The ‘Philips Satinelle Super Sensitive’ does come with a selection of nice bits and pieces which are:

 Unique pain reduction system with 2 rows of massaging fingers.
 2 speeds.
 Automatic voltage.
 Loofah to prevent ingrown hairs.
 Protective cap.
 Travel pouch and brush.

It is also very easy to clean and maintain. It makes quite a noise when you use it but this just helps to distract you from what you are about to subject yourself to. This product does not come that cheap at the end of the review are some examples. The one definite plus point for purchasing this item is that generally it comes with a ’90 day money back guarantee’. This means if you really can’t use it, you haven’t wasted your money. Make sure you keep your receipt otherwise your only option will be to sell it second hand on ebay.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you should avoid this product. However you do need to be realistic with regards to the pain level and the eventual results. The ‘Unique pain reduction system’ does very little to aid the process other than provide a nice vibrating noise to hum to. There are two settings and I find the slower setting adequate for my needs. I have never been brave enough to use the higher setting. It comes with a nice ‘loofah’ to help rid yourself of ingrown hairs. It’s a nice little extra but nothing to get excited about. In grown hairs are part and parcel of the deal, you are bound to get them from time to time if your skin is prone to them.

I have used this product for one year now and I am glad that I bought it. I am not however using the product in all the ways that you can. The product is recommended for the removal of hair from the armpit, leg and bikini line. I routinely use the ‘Philips Satinelle Super Sensitive’ for the removal of hair in the armpit area. The advertising says that you can be hair free for up to four weeks. I find that it is closer to two weeks maximum. I also find that you get better results if you use it weekly even if you have little re growth. The results are so much better than shaving the same area.

If you think you can grit your teeth and put up with the pain and are going to be realistic about the results then it is worth a try. See below for a sample of stockists:

Boots: £45.00
Argos: £44.45 (includes 90 day money back guarantee)
Ebay: New: from £20.00 Used: from £5.00

Of course there is always the option of being hairy!

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  • nuish0003 published 24/12/2004
    great review. I really want one of these but don't know which is best to buy. There are a few new options avialb le so I think I will investigate!nuisha xxx
  • ikeaholic published 10/10/2004
    arrm...still want one though, i despise hairiness, just imagine back in the ye olde days, hairy gorilla victorian women pushing hairy babies in prams...anyway, gritted my lips throughtout the whole op. good review. jess x
  • lilro published 22/09/2004
    a very good review
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