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You may have noticed that I'm on a nostalgia spree at the moment and on my wandering down those innocent path's of my childhood I came across a programme called "Pigeon Street" Now if your a fan, lover or even liker of this programme then it may be best if you screw your eyes up for this ... Read review

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"Turn it off mummy"

AdvantagesO.k for some

DisadvantagesTheme tune too cheesy too false too corny

"...hurled abuse at. I absolutely hated Pigeon Street. Why? Why? I hear you all cry. To tell you the truth I did in fact, on occasion watch this programme and when I did although there were bits I liked a good change of theme tune would have helped. This programme used to grate on my nerves. I'd be sat there watching it, just getting into it then you'd hear. "Pigeon street, Pigeon street" Oh pleeease! It was all too much. Right now my ..." Read review

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Community Level 4sarahbethy


They finally brought it back

AdvantagesIt was great then and it's still great now!

DisadvantagesIt is only on BBC Choice

"If you lived in Pigeon Street, Here are the people you could meet, Here are the people who would say Hello, Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye Every day Did you every watch this programme when you were little? I did, and i loved it. I've had the lyrics for the 'Long Distance Clara Song' stuck in my head for the past 18 years. Along with Button Moon and Danger Mouse, i think this programme is one of my earliest memories. It was one of the best kids ..." Read review

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Community Level 5stoffy


Right Up Everyone's Street

Advantagesworks on so many different levels...

Disadvantagesit isn't on anymore!

"The ressurection of Pigeon Street on BBC Choice has enabled a whole new generation to enjoy the antics of Gerald, Molly and Polly et al in a multi-cultural suburb that was was way ahead of the politically correct 1990's kids TV programmes. It was created in the early 1980's as a short filler programme in the mid-day schedules, to pass the time in between Play School and Blue Peter. Although the plots weren't exactly rocket science, and the ..." Read review

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