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published 10/11/2005 | shandyboy
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"Film buffs and couch potatoes alike will love it!"

My old dvd player finally died in a shower of sparks and a nasty clicking noise from the power supply - my brush with death via the medium of dvd meant that I was in the market for a new player!

(this review uses common terms and acronyms for some of the features/settings - if you are confused by any then I've written a small glossary at the bottom of this review which will hopefully help you if you get stuck!)

I settled on a few features that I needed, basically:

- it had to have *great* picture quality (otherwise, what's the point!)
- it had to have optical out (my Technics Amp only supports this)
- it had to be reliable and not "picky" about discs

And a few features that would be "nice" to have:

- progressive scan (never know I might have a sudden windfall and be able to afford that progressive scan lcd widescreen!)

- support for super audio cd or dvd-audio discs
- ntsc to pal conversion automatically

The Pioneer DV575 ticks all the boxes (and more!)

First impressions were "where the hell is the rest of it?!" - it's seriously petite - not only very slimline but also lacking in the depth department too! I did worry that the Amp wouldn't sit properly on it (it has to go under the amp as they kick out *serious* amounts of heat and can really cook equipment stacked on top - hence the amp is always on top), but it did just about (some of the amps feet hang off but not alarmingly).

It also looks pretty nice too - the front panel buttons are well laid out and easy to use (in case you lose the remote!), and it's nice to have an eject on the remote as well as the unit (not that I really understand why - I mean you have to go over to the unit after pressing eject but it's still a positive for some reason!)

Initial setup is easy - the menu is very clearly laid out and is extremely intuitive and easy to use - it also looks very professional and won't make you cringe or dread to go in there should you ever need to make changes!

Picture quality is amazing - all the outputs you'd possibly need are here - composite (yeuch!) via scart, S-Video, RGB via scart (yay!), and the supreme champion of connections, Component.

I have my Tosh TV fed by scart RGB and it's *very* nice - noticably better than the previous player. There is no "dot crawl" or colour fringing present, it's like a total upgrade to the TV too!

It also supports Progressive Scan in both NTSC and PAL - I can't comment on this function as unfortunately I don't have a prog scan TV, but if somebody wants to donate one then I will gladly update the review!!! *update* I've read a few user-reviews that state the prog-scan output isn't that fantastic however this isn't mentioned in any of the glowing reviews the unit has received in the major home cinema mags.

The audio is output digitally by either coax or optical - nice to have a choice when some amps only support one over the other (shakes virtual fist at Technics!) Audio was very good - not sure how it couldn't be really as I believe the player is only passing the digital stream on to the Amp for decoding.

The player also features a full 5.1 Decoder built in, with full outputs on the back panel so you don't even need a seperate decoder - I believe this is mainly for the DVD audio output as Sony etc in their infinite "wisdom" prevent the digital output for such disks to prevent copying (yet another case of the end user suffering - it's not going to prevent dedicated pirates).

Which brings me onto the nice little touch of the unit's full support for both Super-Audio CD *and* DVD-Audio disks - these give you fantastic higher-than-cd quality sound in full surround. I haven't got a SACD disk but I intend to check it out soon.

The unit remembers where you stopped watching the last 5 disks played, even if you swap disks or turn the unit off. Pop the disk in, and you get the option of watching from the beginning or from where you last watched to - a really simple idea but a lovely touch which prevents endless menu scrolling to find the right scene.

It also played every disk I threw at it (not literally - that would damage the disks and maybe the player!) - in fact it even played home movies burned onto dvd-r with no problem. I don't really agree with the whole pirated movie scene (the quality varies too much), but if you are into that sort of thing, then the player will probably play them - it even supports DivX! It's not just pirates that will love the players flexibility though - if you have a dv camera or camcorder then you will appreciate the ability to play/view your pictures and movies on the TV.

Add to this the ability to view picture disks, play mp3's (even play an mp3 off a disc and view images on the same disc whilst the music plays) and the well laid-out remote control, and you can begin to understand why I like this player. A lot.

And there's more... Handles layer-changes very nicely (no huge pause like some players!), near-silent in operation (and totally inaudible during normal use), crystal clear front display that is readable even from large distances (and which is also dimmable and can be totally turned off too), it really is a well thought out system.

There is even a large community of users that edit and change the firmware to provide new features and settings not present in the official firmware (such as new DivX support for subtitles, codecs, image settings etc).

My advice is to get yourself to the nearest Richer Sounds and bag one of these for yourself - it's £120 well spent. :)

(in my own words so might be slightly technically incorrect but hopefully it will make sense!)

Progressive Scan
A standard TV set draws every other line in a picture, then the next frame it draws the other lines (eg: lines 1,3,5,7 etc the first frame, then 2,4,6,8 the next) - this can cause shimmering and flickering on high contrast areas of an image. Progressive scan minimises this effect by "doubling up" the frames so that it draws a whole image in one frame (eg: lines 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc).

Super-Audio Compact Disk (SACD)
A music disk that has a very high quality audio recorded on it - also supports upto 6 channels (for 5.1 surround sound music). Only compatible players can play these. Your player must support SACD to play these disks.

Similar to SACD but uses a different system so they are not compatible with each other - your player must support DVDA to play these disks.

Optical out
Sends the digital audio via an optical cable (eg to your surround sound amplifier and speakers).

Coax out
Sends the digital audio via a standard coax cable (eg to your surround sound amplifier and speakers).

NTSC to PAL conversion
When watching a region 1 (US) disk, the player automatically converts the picture to the UK tv standard. This is good if your TV cannot handle NTSC (US) tv signals (in which case the image would be black and white).

For a long time the standard way of sending signals to a TV - not particularly great quality.

Super Video gives a much better picture than standard composite.

The Red Green Blue signals are sent to the TV seperately which allows a much better picture quality than composite and S-Video.

The holy grail of connections - the best image quality available (slightly better than RGB), but your TV has to have component connections.

Dot Crawl
When the pixels making up the image on the TV appears to "waver" slightly.

A method of compressing a film down to a smaller size (so that a DVD film can fit on a CD for example) - requires a player that supports the DivX format to enable playback.

Amp (Amplifier)
Most often used to indicate your Surround Sound Decoder and Amplifier - the bit of kit that takes the digital sound output from the DVD player, works out what sound to send to which speaker, then amplifies it so that the speakers make the noise!

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Comments on this review

  • shandyboy published 10/11/2005
    Hi, Good point, I should have really added an explanation for the various acronyms - I'll see if I can edit the review and add some :)
  • maz2909 published 10/11/2005
    Great Review, didn't quite understand all the tech terms but got the overall currently looking at getting a new DVD player as mine is starting to sound like a plane taking off!............Maria
  • tractor-boy published 10/11/2005
    It does indeed sound like a cracking piece of kit. S
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