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"Pipex Internet Review - Seriously BAD - Warning!"

Pipex Internet LIMITED - 30 Day Trial & General Dissatisfaction - nothing but problems, lies, no return calls, phone is put down on you, taken money even after the contract has ended, no free routers, customer service (joke) advisers have no idea what is going on, they deny a 30 day trial even exists until you say you have it in hard paper form in front of you, they can't even give you a consignment number for your imaginary parcel that has been supposedly dispatched!

We have had no end of problems since signing up for Pipex business pro broadband. Never choose an ISP because of their price or especially Free Trial!

As of 18/06/08 - "Pipex Internet LIMITED" have had a total of 15 County Court Judgements made against them between 2006-2008 totalling a massive £11,130 and; only one of them has been satisfied for just £522 back in June 2006! That's still 14 CCJ's outstanding against them! They last filed their accounts in Dec-06 so their even late on them! A quick credit report on Pipex internet can be made to prove the above at any time! This information was supplied courtesy of

We found the best thing is: you can't even access the trial terms and conditions when your adsl is with Pipex. It asks you to log on, which you do, and then the trial terms and cons still do not appear. If you try this on another adsl line that is not with Pipex or one of there other company's within their Parent company "FREEDOM4 COMMUNICATIONS PLC" then all works fine! My guess is, when you have problems, they do not allow you to return to the trial terms and cons, so you can't get out of their trial contract!

We have already spoken with trading standards about this company. They recommend writing to their head office, but with 14 CCJs outstanding, do you really think they are bothered?

Below is some of the history of my calls to Pipex over the period from when we first joined in late march 08, before the above occurred. (Today).

They have the great 0800 number to get your business. You call them sign up 4 ADSL lines, they say free router, you accept, they say free zonelarm, you say yeah great. You are told all in the post. You order your 8 static IPs. You are told, your line will experience 10 days of line tests to obtain the most reliable speed and you have 30 days to terminate your contract if you're not satisfied. At least, that's what you told anyway! Again, great sales talk.

You move to your new premises, no routers or software, only a letter from Pipex with your user/pass. You plug your own router in and configure for use with your 8 static IPs.

Great it works! 10 days pass and fairly reliable. You download approx 20GB during your first week as you're pretty busy with your clients.

Problem no 1, you still have no routers, no zonealarm. You call customer service. Yes sir, not a problem, I will reorder them for you and prioritise your order. 7 working days pass, you call them again. You are told, sorry sir; all the router orders were refused. The computer says they are out for delivery. You ask for a Royal Mail tracking number so you can "Track and Trace", sorry sir, we have no record of that. You ask, what am I supposed to do then. The representative says, hang on, I have a number here, he reads off an 8 digit number, you say well that's not a valid number, he says no sorry sir, that was our internal ticket number! You give up talking to this inexperienced representative and ask for a call from a supervisor. You are told they do not have names. You are promised a call that same day. You check they have the correct number. Job done. Well you would think. But no call back. You are busy with your clients and a few days pass. You call them again, eventually after pressing, 2, and 3 you are told the number has changed. You call it, and then it's the tech support for residential users. You explain to the representative, you are then given another number. Eventually you reach a customer service representative again, you explain again and waste another 20 minutes on a 0871 number. You are told another supervisor will call. It never happens. You give up all hope. And face the fact you will have to use your own router as the price in phone calls are not worth the price of a router.

Problem no 2, you configure one of your server's to send mail via DNS, you discover you need to contact the BUSINESS ISP (Pipex) to make the simple change so your IP resolves to your sub domain name.
You call tech support, you explain 3-4 times what you need, they eventually get the message and tell you that their business package does not offer this. Umm! They are offering a business package with no business benefits. Anyway, they recommend migrating to Nildram, one of their sister company's. You think ok, not such a major problem, just have to waste a few hours reconfiguring all my servers and dns settings for our domain names, again. You ask as they are sister companies, can you transfer your 8 static IPs to save hassle. Apparently not. You are advised to call customer service as the technical support cannot multi task.

Problem no 3, so, you redial, press 2, then 3, and ask for your migration code. Here's where the fun starts. You explain that you are utterly appalled at the level of service you have received during your first 2-3 weeks and request a mac code to move our line to nildram. I must say, nildram have been around for a while and the overall service level is fairly high. They currently have no CCJs at all. That's probably because they are a true business ISP and offer business ADSL services. You start to think, being a business man; I must make sure we will not be tied into a 12 month contract as the nice friendly salesman said we have a free 30 day trial. You ask the question, no sir, I'm afraid not, you only have 10 days to terminate the contract. You say, what, you're having a laugh. You explain the salesman said we have a 30 day trial. He puts you on hold to check. You are conveniently told that person no longer works in that department and he is unavailable. Again, what a surprise! Another sales trick. And guess what, you're told a supervisor will call you back. Ha har, like that's going to happen, you are promised he will. And yes, it never happened. That supervisor also had no name. (I'm spotting a trend here) To your surprise you receive an email with your MAC code to your registered email address. 2-3 days later, this being on your mind and not transferring until you have had confirmation you're not locked into a contract, you call them again. Have the same conversation, and told no there is not a 30 day trial. You give up and ask again for a supervisor to call you on Monday. One good statement from the representative was to try and contact nildram explaining the situation and see what they can do. This obviously is passing the buck and saying we cannot deal with you as the computer will not let us. I called Nildram and am awaiting a call from a supervisor on Monday. (lol)

I have found the Pipex 30 day trial terms and conditions on another adsl line, they obviously read you can terminate with no payment for the first month and no setup fee within 30 days, you are told to dial 0871 222 5550 and speak with customer service. Which to your surprise you have at least 3 times already and spoke to many robots.

I am now armed with this proof on PDF, screen shot with email dated in background, printed copy of both and will be enabling my phone system to record the conversation. And obviously stating this call will be recorded for legal purposes and all the gibberish. Wish me luck!

Next step, contact watchdog, report to office of fair trading. Take to court; make them pay for all my wasted time. What fun we will have.

Note: they are now part of tiscali, things can only get worse!

If you wish for a copy of the PDF 30 day trial cons, please just use this link below: egal/pipex-free-trial-terms.php+pipex+30+day+trial&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=2&gl=uk

It's a cached link so Pipex customers can see it!

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  • lml888v published 18/06/2008
    Extremely informative and detailed account of a very frustrating experience. Thanks for sharing. E.
  • EVIT published 18/06/2008
    I must rate you HIGH because what you wrote is all very true and that company should be closed down by the government for fraud, theft and who knows how many other crimes. I was one of the victim and the ordeal to get back the money they stole me years ago is not over yet. Your review is very informative and I wish there were more like yours about it.
  • majeedkazi published 18/06/2008
    Hi welcome to Ciao..very goos first review...
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