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Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge (DVD)

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"Sparrow Still Tells A Good Tale"

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge (DVD)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge (DVD)

This film actually has two names which confused me significantly; it is both Dead Men Tell No Tales and Salazar’s Revenge. There is a confession that I have to make here however; I think I have only actually seen the first movie all the way through. I’ve seen most of the second movie… and didn’t realise that there had been a third and forth instalment. So if there are any continuity errors from a canon perspective, I am perhaps not the best person to pick these up in all honesty.

My name is Henry Turner. Son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann.
Ewww. You're the evil spawn of them two.

We start the film with Will Turner’s twelve year old son, Henry Turner, boarding the Flying Dutchman, determined that he can break his father’s curse by finding the Trident of Poseidon. Nine years later, the only progress he’s made is to get himself locked up for mutiny when he tries to prevent his ship sailing into the notably doomed Devil’s Triangle. Whilst his crew are busy getting slaughtered, Jack Sparrow is busy trying to rob a bank with his usual antics of style over substance and a young girl is sentenced for death for witchcraft… because women can’t possibly know science.

I'm not looking for trouble!
What a horrible way to live.

Somewhere along the lines we end up with the characters all coming together and clashing horns as there is by now a significant amount of bad blood between Sparrow, Salazar and Barbossa. There’s also the potential treasure of the trident which is like waving a galleon in front of a goblin from a pirate perspective. Unfortunately for Barbossa, things don’t quite go the way he would have wanted and instead of being on a treasure hunt, he ends up being on a manhunt with a deadline… and the penalty if he fails is his death.

Tell me what you want.
I want my compass, 216 barrels of rum and a monkey.

With some interesting family politics thrown into the mix, our unlikely foursome have to figure out some way to stay out of Salazar’s clutches whilst potentially forever breaking the curse and pursing some long held grudges along the way. It’s all swash-buckling action and yet managed to hook me from beginning to end. The plot is surprisingly complex for a Pirates of the Caribbean film, although again I haven’t seen the later releases so this may be a deliberate directional move. There are multiple threads of the same story all interwoven together into what actually ends up being a surprisingly tight knot. Each of the main characters have separate threads that ping together only to be divided once more and find another thread to crash into at a later point.

Do you even have a ship, a crew... pants?
A great pirate does not bother with such intricacies.

Individual performances are also exceptionally well done and very much of note, in fact without them I doubt I would have enjoyed this anywhere near as much. The actors really do carry this and make it a thoroughly enjoyable watch. Johnny Depp makes his obvious re-appearance as the eccentric pirate captain, forever on a search for his next bottle of rum. This far into the series, I would be far more concerned if Depp couldn’t carry the character successfully, but it has to be said that the man is a comedic genius and whilst he isn’t the main player in the story, he crashes the party with such bumbling grace that he makes himself the lead. Geoffrey Rush plays Barbossa and the two characters play off each other very well indeed, with both of them trying to take advantage of the others weaknesses.

Aah! Monkey!

Javier Bardem comes back as Captain Salazar, the undead pirate who is hell-bent on revenge on the man who caught him in this eternal trap. Salazar is as menacing and as maniacal as I’m sure the producers intended, stopping at nothing in order to get his revenge even if it would cost him everything. The portrayal of the character is powerfully done and all credit to the actor who has done himself proud. Henry Turner is played by Brenton Thwaites whilst Kaya Scodelario plays Carina Smith, the two youngsters making their first appearance in the franchise; they played their parts well enough and didn’t make too much of a hash of the romance the directors insisted in putting in. Then of course you get some olden goldies like Kevin McNally coming back as Joshamee Gibbs and Orlando Bloom as Will Turner.

What kind of soldier has no weapon?
I'm currently wanted for treason.
So not the very good kind then?

All in all, this ends up being a surprisingly deep film that is well cast and well scripted, making it both funny and moving at turns with enough of the swash-buckling action to keep the fans happy. It has admittedly been universally panned by critics as being bloated, boring, repetitive and draining along with having significant continuity errors, but I actually don’t care. I really quite enjoyed the film and found it an interesting and entertaining use of a flight journey. It’s even tempted me to go back and watch the originals in the franchise and that has to be considered a win for any film.

Do I Recommend?

I do, but many don’t. Let’s just get that out in the open to be absolutely clear. This means that if you are an ardent fan of the original first, second and third… and maybe forth, entry in the series, then you are likely to really dislike this. If, like me, you’ve just turned up for the ride and are here to enjoy the action then chances are you might actually enjoy it a whole lot more. ‘Nough said.

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  • Soho_Black published 12/01/2018
    I remember enjoying the first one. I can't remember what I thought of the others...
  • RICHADA published 11/01/2018
    Hmm, I've never quite known what to make of any of this series - but wouldn't actually spend money on them, leaving them as Christmas TV viewing - great review. R.
  • ravingreviewer published 09/01/2018
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