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?A pizza hut, a pizza hut...
Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut...?

For a friends' 16th, she was going bowling, followed by a trip to Pizza Hut with some friends. I was lucky enough to be invited along to this as I love bowling! Though it had been quite a number of years since I had been to Pizza Hut and did not know what to expect.

Before I left to go to the party, I briefly browsed around on the Pizza Hut website, which was certainly well laid out and simple to navigate with a lot of bright reds to attract. Scanning the menu I noticed there were foods that I liked, pizza toppings I enjoyed, so all was okay!

So off we went bowling at Sunset Boulevard here in Aberdeen (after chasing two buses, neither of which stopped!), working up an appetite. The table was booked for half past eight, so we had a bit of time to kill. My friend decides to try and spin a wheel for 50p, to try and receive tickets to exchange for prizes. First spin, she hits the bonus and out spins 500 tickets! Eesh! And what does she buy? A Crazy Frog and a Vicky Pollard doll! I'm saving my tickets ? an X Box is only 60, 000!

Anyway, we left the arcades at twenty five past eight and took the three minute walk towards the beach front, where the Pizza Hut was located. Entering the large double doors, the glorious whiff of pizza dough and garlic bread wafted around us. This doorway was a little crowded, but nonetheless we were greeted instantly by a petite little woman. She took our reservation and told us our table would be ready in five minutes. Ten minutes later she was back, and led us to a table just around the corner. Better late than never!

Our table was situated right next to the large window so we could see out onto the beach. It was an amazing view, though when it got dark we could only see our own reflections and the passers by! The table was booked for eight though one guest could not arrive. Even then it was a bit of a squeeze getting us around the area. There were two sofa-seats, and two individual seats at the end. I sat on one of the end seats, which I found to be nicely padded and comfortable, a good height too! The table itself was rectangular, and a deep shade of brown. There were chilli shakers at our table, and a drinks menu too.

Straight away, a menu was brought out to us by our assigned waiter, Alistair. He gave us a good five-ten minutes to look over the menu. We were going for a meal deal where you get one starter and one pizza or pasta. The pizza option was £6.99 and the pasta option was £7.99. Browsing the delicious range of starters, I decided to go for a Brunschetta, which is basically warm garlic bread with pieces of tomatoes and caramelised red onions. We had to order the pizza at the same time. I chose the Super Supreme, which was a combination of spicy pork and beef, peperoni, ham, mushrooms black olives and peppers, on a pan base (you could choose thin or thick pizza

Pictures of Pizza Hut
base). It sounded delicious.

About ten minutes later all the starters arrived, along with the drinks. I chose a diet pepsi, as it is one of the options where you can get unlimited refills. My starter was the last to be served up. It sat on the square plate, three slices of the garlic bread served next to a little serving of lettuce leaves. The vegetables were piled generously on top of the garlic bread, with a red sort of thin sauce. I took a bite in. The tomatoes were very juicy and the red onions were quite soft. Although it was tasty I found that there was a bit too much tomatoes!

We had been finished out starter barely five minutes and our dishes were gone and the pizzas were delivered! Thankfully this time mine wasn't the last to be served up! It was only I and the birthday girl who got the pan bases, and we found our pizzas were a lot smaller in size than the others, however indeed a lot thicker! There was a fair helping of topping across my pizza. Biting into it, I found the layers of ham and pepperoni were underneath the cheese top, and the rest of the toppings on top. It had such a soft texture, it was amazing. And its taste? Each single ingredient must have been to perfection as the flavour was phenomenal! It was not too spicy but certainly had a kick to it!

By the time we had finished our pizzas we were all feeling a little bit full. The waiter came over, cleared our plates, and asked if we would like to order dessert. He gave us five minutes while we pondered over the menu. We didn't know if we were going to order or not, but decided me way as well. There were five options to choose from, and two that could be shared. I went for the Banoffee pie, as it sounded quite delicious and, well, I love banoffee! Two at the table ordered the Cookie Dough to share, which sounded fairly tasty too.

Again, it was just another five minutes before the desserts arrived, complete with topped up drinks. I could not believe how amazing the banoffee pie looked! On the square plate there was a fair sized slice of pie. The bottom layer was a deep toffee brown colour, with a thin biscuit base on the bottom, and a thick creamy layer on the top. Piled next to it was a gathering of frozen berries; raspberries, blackcurrants and cherries. They looked amazing, a collection of deep purples and reds. At the side there was a petite little white jug with cream inside, finished off with cocoa powder on it. And drizzled all over the plate in a fancy pattern was toffee sauce.This had to be the most posh dessert ever! But how did it taste? Amazing! The textures of the pie blended in amazingly together, and the banana chunks that were within the mousse were a great size. Its banana taste was phenomenal and the toffee was not too sickly sweet. The berries were too cold though so I only had one or two of them. And the cream, that was quite thin, almost like milk, but gave the dessert a nice edge.

In the centre of the table was the Cookie Dough so we could all try. It was a large soft pale cookie, with two large dollops of vanilla ice cream on it. Poured over the whole thing was an enormous amount of tarry chocolate sauce. We all had a try, and I must say I was the one who liked it the most, apart from another. The cookie was incredibly soft and sweet, the vanilla ice cream soft and melting on the hot cookie. The chocolate sauce was quite sickly sweet but nothing I couldn't handle! Though in honesty I preferred my pie!

After the meal I went to the toilet. I find an interest in visiting toilets in new places as I always like to see how clean they are. They were not hard to find, just round the corner from where we were sitting. Walking through I found there were three cubicles, all at the time empty. The toilets themselves were quite clean, and the doors locked too! The three sinks were fairly clean and at a good level too, but there were no mirrors. Only one soap dispenser had anything in it though, which was a little disappointing.

When my friend paid, I didn't know how much it had cost. Though totalling it up now, it would have came to just short of £64. That may seem quite a lot, but it's less than £10 a person, so that is quite reasonable for a three course meal!

The day after the meal my friend rang me. Apparently her mum had provided the restaurant with a home made cake and they were supposed to present it during the meal. Of course, they never did this, which was disappointing. Though she managed to get the cake back, and was given a £10 voucher for that Pizza Hut. Not too bad then!

What we ordered is only a small part of the menu! There is so much more you could have chosen from, each categorised into their own section. Lets start with the Starters! There is a total of ten starters! You can choose from Nachos, Garlic Ciabatas, Tomato and Basil soup, Garlic Bread, Brunshetta, Barbecue chicken wings, Mozzarella and tomato salad, seasoned potato wedges, breaded chicken strips, and cheese topped garlic bread. They are mainly finger foods, as you can see, with a few exceptions. The prices vary from £1.99 to £3.99 and there is bound to be something to suit your taste!

Now Pizza Hut would not be Pizza Hut if it did not serve pastas! Before choosing topping, you may wish to consider your base for the pizza. You have four choices here; Pan (thick), Italian (thin), Stuffed Crust (crusts with cheese inside) and Cheesy Bites (little rolls of crust with cheese inside. Now you can consider your toppings! You can choose from one of fifteen toppings. This includes ten meat options: Super Supreme, Barbecue Deluxe, Mediterranean Meats Deluxe, Supreme, Chicken Supreme, Meat Feast, Peperoni Feast, Seafood Lovers, Hawaiian and Farmhouse. There are also four vegetarian options: Goats' Cheese Melt, Vegetable Supreme, Vegetarian Hot One and Margherita. The Farmhouse sounds nice; slices of ham and mushrooms. The prices of these pizzas range from £6.49 for a small, £11.49 for a medium and £13.49 for a large. You can also create your own pizza using a variety of toppings. Dips are also available for 35p each: Barbecue, Sour Cream and Chive, Tomato Sauce, and Sweet Chilli.

It was brought to my attention a few months ago that 'Pizza Hut' were planning on changing their name to 'Pasta Hut' Now, I do not know if this is still a plan, but they do certainly sell pasta dishes! There are five pasta dishes to choose from, so it is hardly a 'Hut'! Two are vegetarian dishes: Alfredo and Arrabiata. The three meat dishes include Lasagne, Tagliatelle alla Carbonara, and one that interested me ? Liz McLarnon's Signature pasta dish. It may have tasted minging for all I care, but it is Liz McLarnon! The pasta prices vary from £11.99 (sharing) to £5.99.

You have a choice of six salads too, if you prefer something a bit healthier! This includes Caesar Salad, Prawn and Crayfish Caeser Salad, Chicken Ceasar Salad, Goats' Cheese Salad, one trip to the salad bar, and the vegetarian Feta and Olive Salad. The prices here vary from £3.49 to £7.19. I thought, for a salad, that was a bit pricey!

There are some delicious desserts to choose from, six in total! There's Banoffee Pie, Profiteroles, Chocolate Fudge Cake, unlimited amounts of ice cream from the machine, Madagascan Cheesecake and Cookie Dough. I think I would have actually had the chocolate fudge cake but there was not any available at the time. The Madagascan Cheesecake sounded nice too! These prices range from £1.69 to £4.99.

Now you cannot eat a meal without having a drink to quench your thirst, and Pizza Hut offer around thirty of these to do the job! They have alcohoc options such as wines, beers and ciders. They also do soft drinks such as pepsi, apple juice, fruit shoot and water. You can have milkshakes and smoothies, and hot drinks too. Some of the shakes sound nice, especially the strawberry cheesecake one! Drinks vary in price too, from as little as 99p for unlimited Squash, to £13.99 for a bottle of sparkling wine.

The prices alone are not bad, and there are also several deals you can take advantage of. There was the one we went for, where you pay a set price for a starter and a main meal. There is also a 3- course option for £2 more. There is also an option known as 'Happy Hour'. This is when you get a starter, a drink and a main meal for just £4 a person. This happens from 3-6pm Mondays to Fridays, so is quite good if you are going out for a meal!

Pizza Hut offer a wide range of foods at good prices, so I cannot see a reason not to visit! But is there one near you? You can enter your post code online and you will be given a few locations closest to you. You can also find out all the necessary dietary information required from their website too, which is really handy!

Pizza Hut is definitely the number one for pizzas! Now to work on my Italian do you say pizza in Italy?

© Amy 2009
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emmyjepson 20.07.2009 16:05

Sounds like you had a great time and really enjoyed the food there! Excellent review, Amy x

py106 31.03.2009 04:28

great review. You made me feel like going there tomorrow!!

Seresecros 22.02.2009 18:50

Pizza Hut is nutritious/delicious/creates wonderful dishes.

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