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1 CD(s) - Electronic - Label: Mute - Distributor: EMI Operations/CEVA Logistics, PIAS UK/Arvato Services - Released: 01/08/2013 - 5016025611720

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Review of "Play - Moby"

published 06/06/2005 | grown_up_girlie
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"Musical Talent In A Box - Moby: Play"

Moby Play Album

Moby Play Album


For those of you who have read my Moby Play DVD review you will know that I am a massive fan of this extremely talented musician. I have purchased this particular album, 3 times since its release in 1999. This just proves what a fan I am of this highly acclaimed and powerful album that has sold over 8 million copies worldwide! I can't live without the inspirational tunes of this album! Each track means so much to me emotionally and I am about to tell you why with both fact and opinion! I will list some of the lyrics for particular tracks so that you can appreciate for yourself the intensity of this man's composure talents.

You will find that most of the albums' tracks have very few lyrics (In comparison to fellow artists) and offer a lot of repetitiveness. I find this all adds to the intensity of this outstanding musical talent.

A variety of the tracks on this album have been used as backing music to several TV programmes/documentaries so has increased the popularity of his talents across the world.

Moby has played at many music festivals to packed audiences of thousands of people who can musically appreciate his talents, such as his 2000 & 2003 performances at the famous Glastonbury festival (Which he has performed on the main stage).
He has been nominated for and won several Grammy awards amongst others so therefore his talent is widely recognised.

So here goes, my review is of…..

…..Moby - Play (The no.1 selling album)

Please note: The CD listing is slightly different to the DVD (As I reviewed previously).


For those who don't know a lot about Moby's music, this CD Album is different from most mainstream chart music you would hear. It features great beats, rhythmic tempo and you can really feel yourself within the music. If I was to assign this CD album to a genre I would classify it as down tempo - Vocal/Lounge Funky/Disco/Club House/Soulful. With such a variation in melodies, tunes, beats and lyrics it is a very hard to specify a single genre.

**About Moby**

Moby; real name Richard Melville Hall is a strict vegan who has very strong views on politics and society. He uses his views and opinions to influence his music and is certainly in my opinion a very strong character. He has been in the industry for many years but only really became a more popular musician/artist from the release of this album which launched his fame worldwide.
He was born in September, 1965 and is a non-denominational Christian and self-proclaimed simpleton (for his often sincere and idealistic political assessments).

**CD Information**

This CD album cover is light green and features the words 'MOBY' in white and 'PLAY' in red on the front of the inlay card. Also displayed is a captured image of Moby himself jumping up into the air. I have the single CD version and so it comes in a standard transparent plastic CD case. The disc itself has a silver edge and has a matching red CD label with silver writing on it which is stuck to the disc front.

The inlay card actually contains mini essays of information on Moby and his beliefs and makes for a very interesting read. He has strong views and some of which you will not agree with, but as he states at the back of it - "If you hate these essays then you may like the music and if you like these essays you may hate the music and in a bizarre twist of fate, you'll like them both!"

**Track Listing & Information**

Before I begin I would like to say that this album was written, engineered and mixed by Moby himself. Each instrument is also played by him. He channels gospel samples into this album to bring this sensational eclectic mix of vocal and instrumental talent to our ears. My all time favourite album!

The album consists of 18 tracks and was the first album in history to have all of its tracks commercially licensed: "Porcelain," for instance, appeared on a TV advertisement for Bailey's Irish Cream; "Find My Baby" was on an advertisement for American Express which also featured the golfer 'Tiger Woods'. The album's tracks eventually were accepted in various radio formats, but because of Play's extensive licensing, the album could have been financially successful even without radio play.

(1). Honey, duration 3:28 - Okay, so this is a repetitive tune. Although I cannot take in the lyrical meaning of the song in as the lyrics kind of don't make sense, I certainly can appreciate the musical talent which makes this tune though. There is certainly a lot more depth and meaning hidden in this song. Musically it is great to 'chill out' too as it has a very strong beat through-out with a strong bass line that you can feel from the inside. I guess you would have to see the accompanying video to be able to appreciate this song's lyrics in full.

(2). Find My Baby, duration 3:59 - lyrically this tune, again, has repetitiveness. Only Moby could make a tune from 2 lines of lyrics (which are):

"I'm gone find my baby,
Whouh! Before that sun goes down!"

Musically speaking, this tune features a strong bass guitar throughout, drums and various vocal styles. It has a layered effect when listening - it offers style and ease of listening. Lyrically, although it is actually about a group of babies forming a band; I can still interpret the lyrics to my own emotional state and so therefore can still appreciate this song great in-depth.

(3). Porcelain, duration 4:01 - This is one of the more famous tunes that Moby has composed over the years (And one of my favourites); it is outstanding lyrically, musically and the video to accompany it offers such emotional depth. Lyrically, offering repetitiveness and deep emotion. Moby's sings a few words that offer such impact:

"In my dreams I'm dying all the time, as I wake its kaleidoscopic mind. I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to lie. So this is goodbye, this is goodbye.

Tell the truth you never wanted me, tell me.

In my dreams I'm jealous all the time, as I wake I'm going out of my mind, going out of my mind".

This track can create a lot of emotion to the listener. This offers sensual thought. Musically this tune has a huge instrumental performance behind it. Featuring, drums, piano and guitar as well as the vocals; it is a tune to listen too with great inner compassion.

(4). Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? duration 4:24 - The lyrics that go along with this tune are again, sensational, short and sweet:

"Why does my heart, feel so bad?
Why does my soul, feel so bad?

These open doors"

Each individual listener can interpret these lyrics to their own self emotion. This song is actually about Moby feeling excluded from society, however without seeing the video for this track you will interpret it to your own feelings. I get thinking whenever I hear this tune. I think about people from my past and present. Musically, it is a slow, sad tune, with a soulful beat and features vocals by the 'Shining Light Gospel Choir'. The vocals offer a layered effect and accompanied with the piano and bass it is a tremendous tune. It was also featured in the famous documentary "Peaceable Kingdom"

(5). Southside, duration 3:49 - A different tune lyrically than the previous tracks listed. This song offers less repetitiveness. Moby sings about his friends, his fear of being killed when going out socially and about guns! This doesn't have much effect on me lyrically, as I obviously don't go out with my friends while carrying a gun! I have to literally take this song at face value. A brilliant rhythmic tempo, strong bass line and catchy tune. I can still appreciate the talent of the composition. There is also a version available of which features the famous Gwen Stefani.

(6). Rushing, duration 3:00 - This is an instrumental song. It features only a single female voice softly singing over the top of a variety of instruments. The piano is the main instrument in this tune; it is slow paced with a strong beat. Yet another great tune to sit and listen too at the end of a hard day. I love this track (It is especially good to listen too when trying to set the ambience of a certain situation).

(7). Bodyrock, duration 3:36 - A repetitive tune that is much more upbeat, it offers a very strong bass line and hard tone. It is one of those songs that you can either dance too or 'chill out' too, certainly a multi inspirational song. Lyrically it is actually about dancing and 'feeling the tune' from inside. This track is enough to get anyone up and moving too. Even if it is just nodding your head to the strong beat - you literally can't help it, so I find.

(8). Natural Blues, duration 4:13 - A very intelligent track with so much meaning. Lyrically this is full of emotion; primarily about life and death, reincarnation and love. The lyrics take you through the motions of old age, the feelings of leaving your life on earth behind, remembrance of the happier times, facing death and the rebirth of new life, Moby sings of his troubles with god. This track features a lot of love and pain. Anyone should be able to relate to this song as it is another very meaningful track on this album. Musically it is set in a minor key and has a slow consistent beat throughout. It features a variety of instruments with the piano being the primary instrument. Most people would recognise this track as it has been the backing music to several TV programmes. This has to be another one of my favourite tracks. If you ever get the chance to see the accompanying video for this track then you will appreciate each lyric even more, please take a read of these awe inspiring lyrics to appreciate my point!

"Oh lordy, trouble so hard, oh lordy, trouble so hard. Don't nobody know my troubles but God, don't nobody know my troubles but God.

Went down the hill, the other day, my soul got happy and stayed all day

Oh lordy...

Went in the room, didn't stay long, looked on the bed and brother was dead

Oh lordy..."

Yet this is another sensational song, written and performed by Moby!

(9). Machete, duration 3:37 - a very fast paced song this one is. I interpret the lyrics to be about drugs, the highs 'n' lows and the feelings of coming down from a high! It offers a strong fast bass line along with Moby singing the lyrics. Moby's voice has been ever so slightly synthesized in this track. It is definitely a track for techno fans. It is probably my least favourite track on the album (it's still great none the less).

(10). 7, duration 1:02 - Another instrumental track. It features a strong bass line and the gentle strumming of a guitar in the background; it is a great tune to create a particular ambient scene. I cannot really mention much more information on this track.

(11). Run On, duration 3:45 - This is a very intelligent song. A superb tune! I interpret the lyrics to be about God, why people worship a God and the feeling of closeness to a God. Moby sings of how he felt so close to death before actually dying. A heavy natured track to listen to lyrically but musically it is tremendous. Musically the striking of chords on the piano sets a nice steady pace throughout the whole tune. It has the layered vocal effect throughout so gives the effect of several voices singing at once. A very very clever song overall - I love it!

(12). Down Slow, duration 1:34 - Another instrumental track. Slow paced and features an echoed rhythm throughout. A very difficult track to describe - you would have to listen to this track to appreciate the intensity of this short instrumental.

(13). If Things Were Perfect, duration 4:18 - This song is a very complex tune. Lyrically speaking it is initially interpret as being about hating the winter months and everything that comes with the cold and darkness. Whenever I hear this tune I feel a great amount of hidden meaning to it. I believe that again, Moby has manipulated the wording and tune so that you can interpret the lyrics and tune to your own emotion. A strong rhythmic line is featured in this tune; a bass guitar is strummed gently to enhance the deep meanings of the lyrics. Outstanding!

(14). Everloving, duration 3:25 - Instrumental. At the beginning 'Everloving' is mainly performed using the acoustic guitar and features Moby humming along to the tune. It goes into a heavier paced rhythm with a bass guitar and drums. It is a mellow song and is full of inspiration - great to close your eyes too, let your mind imagine. A terrifically composed track, that allows your mind to wander in this busy lifestyle.

(15). Inside, duration 4:48 - Instrumental. Featuring the piano and bass this is a lovely mood relaxing track, after listening to the previous songs you will be in the mood for imagining and letting your mind 'go off' course for a few moments. The lovely sound of each individual instrument is captured greatly enough in this piece to be able to appreciate real musical talent.

(16). Guitar, Flute & String, duration 2:09 - This tune is instrumentally composed using the 3 named instruments in the title. Another softly paced instrumental track without any vocals. I feel passionately towards this track as with the other instrumental tracks on this album. Moby has the ability to be able to reach into your mind through his musical talent and through instrumental playing - he takes my mind places where no other artist can remotely touch!

(17). The Sky Is Broken, duration 4:18 - Moby actually speaks more than sings in this track, which makes it slightly different to the other tunes. I interpret his words to be about love, being alone and death. Again Moby is excelling with his lyrics. He has the ability to make each individual listener interpret his lyrics differently. Its not a case of what you hear is what it's about - I really feel the depth!

(18). My Weakness, duration 3:37 - Starting with several echoed voices you cannot distinguish the lyrics of this track as it has been recorded to sound 'creepy like'. It has a slow sad tone being droned on the piano and with a bass guitar throughout. It is a fantastic track to end a fabulous album with! It makes such a massive impact on your emotion and mind - I love this track!!

**Technical Information**

Release date of album: 1991
Audio format: Compact Disc Digital Audio
Label: MUTE Records Limited
EAN: 5016025611720

**Where To Buy**

This album is available to buy on both the high street and over the internet. The recommended retail price is £14.99. I purchased mine from HMV for £12.99 so you can use this as a good guidance figure.

You can use the Ciao search facility or a search bot such as to return good competitive prices.

Other Media Available Based Upon This Album:

Moby - Play: The B Sides (CD) - £9.99
Moby - Play: The DVD - £12.99

(Both are available to buy from

The DVD will actually offer you much more insight into each track (You can refer to my Play - DVD review for further information on this).

**More Information**

For more information on Moby you can check out one of these following sites these sites include information on upcoming events and tours featuring the man himself:

Official Sites - and

For merchandise write to:

Moby c/o DEF
PO Box 2477

Or email:


Well do I really need to express my opinion anymore on this album? It is outstanding both instrumentally and lyrically. It has the works of a genius behind every aspect of its composure. With such tremendous listening value, it equals great value for money - you will never get sick of this album.

I will note that this may not be suited to everyone's taste. If you are passionate like I am about extreme talent, the feel of music, the emotional aspect of lyrics, the sound of variety and vocal eccentricity then I would certainly suggest listening to Moby as he portrays all of the above.

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  • dannat1810 published 25/07/2008
    great review
  • woof45 published 01/12/2005
    Brilliant review there! I also like 'In this World'' and Lift Me Up - they're great songs too! I didn't realise he was a strict vegan and influenced by what goes on like that - politics and all! Good review :) Kate x
  • Trevorb33 published 30/10/2005
    great review a good album, love a couple of the songs
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