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published 12/12/2007 | leofluffy69
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Pro cheap and fast, free delivery
Cons popular items are always out of stock
very helpful

"Come and PLAY with me!"

I am relatively new to online shopping. Most of my Christmas gifts have been bought from Amazon or and it has saved me from the hustle and bustle of real life.

I used to shop on Ebay regularly but after a bad experience was a little apprehensive about using the internet to buy things. I came across a few months ago when I was frantically searching for a cheap digital frame. I searched many price comparison sites and the only thing that put me off most of them was the expensive P+P or reputation (I used Dooyoo and Ciao to check). One place that appeared to be consistent with positive feedback (bar a few angry customers) was I took a look and was thoroughly impressed with the free P+P. I had assumed that sold CD's, DVD's and Books only so was very impressed to find that they sell a whole lot more.

---------------- was founded in 1998 under the name but later re-branded as in 2000. It is a Jersey based company and I would guess that similar to Tesco Jersey which is exempt from VAT is the reason why the products can be sold so cheap.

In the first instance the site was set up to sell CD's and DVD's at cheap, affordable prices but has continued to grow and expand now selling Books, clothing and gadgets. It's most recent addition is the Blu-ray and HD products.

At first the site appeared fussy and quite crowded. The only way I would attempt to find a product was via the sites search facility. After a while however I found that I could click on a category and browse the many products. The site has a white background with various coloured banners with special offers or new releases.

The navigation menu at the top (a grey strip of buttons) allows you to search for DVD's, Clothes, Gadgets, CD's, Mobile phones etc. As is nearly Christmas the site features a gift search facility where you can sort by criteria e.g. sex of recipient or your minimum, maximum price band. This has helped me greatly when searching for those last minute stocking fillers.

In the top left hand corner there is a banner reminding each customer of the great free delivery facility.

------------------ is amazing for stock. I will often go shopping and see something I like I have the option of buying it there and then for a few quid more or purchase it on and save some money. I do this for two reasons 1) to save a bit of money and 2) to read more about the product via online reviews. I am not a cheapskate who would rather shop around for weeks saving £1 in the process but I like to be informed on my purchases and offer some useful reviews next to the product.

***DVD's, CD's AND GAMES***
At the moment these are being advertised a lot on TV. I find that the prices on are slightly higher than those at Tesco or ASDA but when I am in hurry or do not plan to visit the local shopping centre for a few weeks I will happily pay a few pound more to order offline. CD's and DVD's have always arrived in excellent quality.

Ian Holloway the Ex-manager of Plymouth Argyle was signing books locally and I thought at the time that it wouold make a great present for my Argyle-mad dad for Christmas. My sister worked at the club with Holloway and could get it signed. I could have paid the RRP of £16.99 or got it off for £9 so I did…OK so that impulse but was not the best one and he left shortly after and now I am left with a book that says "To Mike, Best Wishes and Merry Christmas 'Ollie' 2007'. We may not burn it yet but look for a few Leicester fans called Mike first!

The books are very well priced and I have ordered a book for my fiancés mum tonight at a great price of £5.75 (£8.99 in local shop). The books always arrive in quality packaging, undamaged and as good as new…not bad for free P+P.

When I was first introduced to I found it hard to believe just how much they sell. The products are all high quality with some excellent offers. They stock anything from MP3 players, to cameras and even DVD players. I love the fact that they often have a 'product of the week' with huge savings between 45% and 70%.

Probably the best part of for me. My dad loves gadgets and boys toys. To buy some of the items on gadget sites or in gadget shops I would spend a fortune but on I can save loads. I have bought most of dad's presents on here and the delivery has been great.

I never buy clothes online; there is nothing worse than getting them home and finding out they either look like a tent or a collection of dolls clothes. The other day however I decided to order the Superman t-shirt for my New Years Eve costume…it was only £5.99 and when I tried it on it fitted like a glove. The clothing is actually very good on here and although there is not a huge collection the quality is high. The products are mainly character/slogan t-shirts, hats/gloves/scarves, jumpers and a few coats.

It is relatively easy to buy a product and by setting up an account it is easy to pay for products. I have saved my debit card details on my account and so if I am away from home without my card I can still shop.

The site seems secure with the HTTPS:// at the beginning of the address and with the padlock at the bottom. There is a facility to trace the package and to view past, recent or outstanding orders. I can see when it has been processed, packaged and dispatched (posted) predicting when my package may arrive.

-------------------------------------- allow you to pre-order new-releases prior to release which can be good, I have never had any problems with this although I know that should I pop down my local supermarket and find it at a decent price I know I can return home and cancel my order. I have heard a few people complaining about low stock on popular items when shops have had many copies (Harry Potter) If this is the case and I can get it at a local store relatively cheap then I have the option to cancel my order if it has not been dispatched already.

A few times when I have been indecisive or just completely changed my mind on something I have been able to cancel my order without being charged. They don't ask for a reason so it is very easy to do and is really helpful when I impulse buy then realise how silly I was later.

So far have been the most reliable site I use. I know that as soon as the product registers as 'posted' it will be 1-2 days to arrive at my home. So far the longest I have waited is 3 days although my partner is still waiting for a package 5 days later…buts as it's my present he cannot tell me anything else so it may have been out of stock.

All products arrive in excellent quality and although the packaging may look battered the product inside is well protected and arrives in perfect condition.

I luckily have not required this facility but my mate had no trouble when she had to return her camera. The sales team were very helpful and as it was their problem they reimbursed her P+P costs.

They do use an 0845 number which can be expensive for some people to call but they offered to call her back which I thought was great service.

NOTE: Because the company is not classed as a UK company it is exempt from any law regarding sale of items and returns policies but they do have a reasonable policy that any products can be returned for a refund within 28 days of receipt.


The Playtrade function is similar to Ebay where customers can list products of their own and sell them new or second-hand. I do not use this feature as I find the reliability is lowered and would much rather get the products from a trusted source. Sometimes the products appear cheap and at a very reasonable price. Sometimes products that are sold out on will be available on Playtrade at a low price but there is a little more risk using this features. Prices will also reflect P+P so a seller close to home will (in theory) charge less than one miles away, this is so that they can appear as being free P+P.

***gift vouchers***
If you are struggling for gift ideas you can purchase gift vouchers that can be used on I was considering this for my dad so that he could buy himself a digital frame but he has never been keen on online shopping so thought it best I got a gift instead, but for anyone who loves shopping online this can be a great little gift or even a useful prize for a raffle.

OK so not quite the quality of Ciao but certainly useful when making a quick, informed choice on a product. You are also likely to get a review on a product as all listed products have a star rating and review facility similar to Amazon.

I love this site and if I am quite honest am obsessed with spending money. I log on most nights to see if there are any great deals or offers on stuff I have wanted for a while. I have asked Santa for a Nintendo DS so after Christmas if lucky enough to get one I will buy all my games on there. Take a look if you haven't already :-)

If you haven't got all of your Christmas shopping yet are kindly reminding us that there are 6 days to go!

I have just discovered PLAY.COM USA and was keen to order Stardust for my little sister will it work on a UK DVD player? or on a computer? As you may guess I am not very technical but may give it a go if anyone can convince me its OK…Many thanks!

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  • EVIT published 08/11/2008
    I love, it often has great deals especially on DVDs/books and you can't beat the free postage! Although some electricals are way overpriced I think
  • dtait07 published 28/01/2008
    great review; feel exactly the same about
  • BNibbles published 13/01/2008
    I use them a lot too, although maybe not nightly! I love the way they always post what you've bought to come in at just under the customs threshold of £18, although Blu-Ray might give them some headaches as some I've seen are £24 If you buy region 1 disks from the USA site, you'll need to make sure that either your DVD player is already multi-region or use Google to find out if it can be 'hacked'. More often than not, the cheapo DVD players made in China and sold in Tescos or wherever for 18 quid are easy to alter to be 'region free'. If you find the make and model number of the player, let me know and I'll do some digging around. Beware of putting different regions of DVDs in the PC. Windows allows for five changes of region before 'sticking' to the last choice, which if you're really unlucky will leave it only able to play US disks.
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