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Are you searching for the best Plumbing and Heating equipment in the UK? Then you have come to the right place! Here you can compare plumbing tools and find information on Water Treatment, Drainage, preservers, Drain Cleaning and Central Heating. Compare prices and buy from the UK's top Plumbing and Heating online ... more

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Plumbing Tools
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Pipe Wrenches (17)
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Plumbers Pliers (6)
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Drainage & Drain Cleaning
Drain Testing Equipment (5)
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Water Treatment
Central Heating
Heating Controls (11)
Boilers (19)
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Terrible company fail to fit ECO boiler

06.04.2017 Review of Northern Gas Heating

"...I have spent the last 11 months waiting for Northern Gas Heating to fit a replacement gas boiler under the ECO grant scheme. They had to complete the EPC and technical survey twice as they took so long to process my application as they didn't have any fi ..."

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netatmo thermostat for smartphone

19.02.2017 Review of Netatmo Thermostat for Smartphone

"Together with some big names in the smart thermostat - Nest and Hive to name just two - are Netatmo. We've tested the company Urban Weather Station, and now it's just a name for Smartphone Thermostat. See also: 9 best smart heating system Basically there ..."

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Agree with other reviewers. Avoid for boiler installations

12.02.2017 Review of Northern Gas Heating

"Northern Gas Heating installed a boiler for me three weeks ago. They recommended and installed the wrong boiler- one underpowered for the house. in addition as it was a combi boiler it was incompatible with our shower. They came out to "fix" the shower an ..."

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Functional sink & wash trap

07.06.2016 Review of Floplast TW477 Dual Sink & Wash Trap

"The kitchen in my old house was quite small, it was a gallery style which didn't have a huge amount of work surfaces or under storage, it could be quite a pain to say the least. So when we began looking for a new house, a bigger kitchen was at the top of ..."

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