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"Poker Playing Styles - Which One Are You?"

This is an introduction to the different types of poker playing styles. It is aimed at people who already have an understanding of how to play poker and are familiar with poker terminology. See if you can identify which category you fall into and more importantly....see if you recognise which style your opponents online are....if you can this will give you an advantage over them

This is the style which the majority of poker players adopt and it basically involves folding any bad hands and playing only decent hands. This is a low risk strategy as there is not much bluffing involved. I would recommend this style of play to all beginners and novices.

Playing conservatively means that you:

**Play fewer pots because good hands don\'t come round too often but when you do play you will no doubt have higher quality cards than most other players. The type of cards conservative players play are usually Ace (A) with King (K), Queen (Q) or Jack (J) or any combination of those cards

**Avoid all-in moves unless your hand is pretty much guaranteed to beat your opponent\'s hand

**Play poker in a way that makes your decision making process easier and easier (especially useful in online tournaments)

**Make better decisions - Since you only start with a good hand, once the flop has been drawn, if you get a match you\'re laughing and if it misses you (ie no matching cards), you\'re probably still holding the highest card....the Ace

**You will win lots of small pots but not many big pots (it all adds up though)

Aggresive players as the name suggests are not as picky about their cards when it comes to joining the action.

Are you an aggressive player? Typical hands with which aggresive players will enter the betting are:

**Any Pair
**Any 2 High Cards (J,Q,K,A)
**Ace with anything else
**Suited Connector Cards (eg 5,6 of the same suit)

Aggressive players tend to:
**Play a lot more pots
**Steal more pots
**Be much harder to read than a conservative player
**Be hard to tell if the flop has helped them
**Win more huge pots

There are however negative sides to being an aggressive player, because:

**By player lower quality hands, you will be faced with difficult decisions after the flop, especially if you haven\'t caught a pair
**By playing more hands, an aggresive player will be much more likely to run into an opponents unbeatable hand
**An aggressive players pot of money (stack size) will swing rapidly as they win and lose huge pots

I\'ve only come across 2 players of this type online and they are difficult to play against, yet with some courage and conviction you can also take a huge amount of money from them....which is nice

An ultra aggresive player (UAP) will Bet and Raise every single hand - the bets are usually about 3 to 4 times the size of the current pot, so it makes it difficult to know when they have a good hand or not.

An ultra aggressive players goal is to steal the blinds that people have put in pre-flop.

So lets say you have 6 people at a table with the UAP last to act - everyone puts in the $1 big blind (so the pot is $5), the UAP will then bet $15 - everyone around the table folds and the UAP has bagged himself another $5 without seeing the cards. He may only have a 2,3 in his hand and you had J,J - but you\'ve been bullied into submission.

If everyone allows this to go on, which I have seen happen, before you know it you\'ve lost your chips.

There are 2 things you can do:

1- Leave the table and join another one

2- Fight fire with fire - If you have a good hand, say AK, then when the UAP raises pre-flop - put a big re-raise right back to them. The chances are they have a rubbish hand and they will fold and you get all the blinds plus the UAP\'s raise. It\'s a calculated risk because one time the UAP will actually have a good hand, but this is gambling ;-)

Hopefully you\'ve found this review useful, I will be updating this when I get a chance and adding further poker guides soon...

Please rate my review if you have the time ;-)

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