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published 09/02/2017 | emjaynehill
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Pro Helpful, comfortable, good battery life, has lots of uses.
Cons Magnetic-type charger can make it difficult to charge.
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"Polar Loop 2: Is There Anything it Can't Do?"

Polar Loop 2

Polar Loop 2


For Christmas, I got a new exercise bike - I'm about one elliptical trainer away from having my own home gym - so my dad thought it would be good to also get me a Polar Loop - something I'd honestly never heard of until that day, I hadn't even considered it - now I can't imagine not having one.

Anyway, it was the first thing I opened up to put on charge on Christmas morning and I used it the same day to see what features it has - and it has a lot of features. I thought it was just for tracking exercise, but the more I use it the more I find that there's many more uses for it than I thought.
First Impression

After charging it for the first time, my dad thought it was a good idea to charge it and try it, to make sure it works. The first thing I noticed was that it was incredibly smooth - and aesthetically pleasing, too. The Polar Loop comes in black, white and pink, and the one I have is pink. I'm not usually a fan of the colour pink, but the Polar Loop isn't bad to look at.

My first thought was: ''How the hell do I work this thing?'' because I realised, after looking at the instructions, that you have to cut it to your own wrist size. I didn't trust myself to cut it, so my dad did it (because, to be honest, he probably wouldn't trust me with it, either). But it turned out to be quite simple and now I never have to worry about it not fitting my wrist or being uncomfortable.

Polar Loops have many more uses than I first realised, and I'm still discovering more every time I use it. Some of the uses I have found whilst using my Polar Loop are:

* You sync it to your phone, tablet, iPad, laptop, computer - whatever you'd like. It has an app you can download for free and is connected by bluetooth. It's really simple to connect and it explains everything in the instructions.

* It can be used as a watch. It tells you the time, among many other things.

* It can be used as an alarm. You have an option on your phone app to turn on an alarm and choose the time; instead of waking up to alarm noises, you wake up to tiny little vibrations on your wrist. That's a much more peaceful way of waking up.

* It counts your daily steps. This is great because on average you need to do 10,000 steps everyday - with this, you can make sure you achieve that goal. I know I do!

* It tells you how much time you have been active, and when you haven't been active enough that day, it vibrates to let you know.

* It tells you how long you have slept and how much of your sleep was restless and how much of it was restful.

* It beeps when you have a message on your phone - this is optional, of course, it's something you can choose to turn on using the app on your phone. It doesn't tell you the message you have, it just says 'message'.

* When you first connect it to your computer, you have the option to type in a goal you want to achieve. Your Polar Loop can then get to work on helping you achieve that daily goal.

* Upon first use, you have to cut it to your wrist size. You have a piece of paper that you have to cut out of the instructions to measure your wrist size so that when you cut the Polar Loop, you don't cut it the wrong size. This is very useful because you don't have to worry about getting one that is the wrong size for you.

* Comfortable to wear. Sometimes I just forget that it's there. It's easy to sleep in, too.

* The website and instructions are both very helpful. Of course, getting used to new devices is difficult, if you're anything like me, so useful instructions and a website as a back-up incase of any confusion is a must.

* Easy to navigate. There's a tiny button next to the screen which you tap lightly and it takes you to the next thing - for example, you press it once and it says 'time', you tap it again and it says 'steps', however if it says 'time' and you leave it on time then a few seconds later the time will come up.

* It comes in pink, black and white, so you have options depending on your colour preference.

* It has excellent battery life. It lasts me approximately 3 or 4 days until the battery completely dies. Then, it only takes an hour or two to charge up to 100%.


* It's difficult to get used to at first, sometimes. You have to figure out how to get into it, how to charge it, how to cut it - without instructions it would be horrible. Thankfully, it has very good instructions, so this isn't a deal-breaker for me.

* The charger isn't a plug-in - it's magnetic. So you have to get it in the right place for it to click in. This is cool, but it's not what I'm used to, so this took a while to get used to as opposed to just plugging it in.


Obviously I got this for a Christmas present, so I don't know how much mine costed. However, after a quick Google search I can tell that they cost around £40-50.

Dolphin Fitness - £46.99
Wiggle - £59.50
Curry's - £59.50
eBay - £30.00

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