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Ponds Cleansing Nose Strips

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... My nose felt much cleaner afterwards and this is my favourite of all nose pore strips and I have used many brands – Oxy, Ponds, Boots Natural collection and others! I thoroughly recommend this to anyone looking for a good pore strip that actually does something! ... Read review

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Community Level 5Sweetiesar...


I nose a beauty secret

AdvantagesClears your nose of nasty blackheads and gunk

DisadvantagesI can get enough of them!

"I have always quite liked the idea of pore strips. I have used a couple of brands, and have already written an opinion on one of them – Boots tea tree strips. Some brands are quite good, and make your skin feel lovely and clean, and some brands are a complete waste of money. I have decided to write an opinion on my favourite kind of nose pore strips and the amazing bargain I have got them for. It all started when I needed a washing up bowl for ..." Read review

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Community Level 5NoLogoGirl


I'll Share A Secret

AdvantagesWorks for people with blackheads

DisadvantagesChemical smell

"When I used Ponds Cleansing Nose Strips, they did no good. But when my boyfriend used them, a new lifetime customer was established. As with most beauty and health products, the degree that the product will work is relative to the problem that is being treated. I actually am lucky to have fairly nice skin and black heads and spots aren't such a big dilemna for me. My boyfriend has black heads around his nose and in an attempt to clear those, he ..." Read review

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Community Level 4CarolB


Blackheads a No No

AdvantagesWorks to a degree

DisadvantagesCan make the skin dry

"We all hate blackheads, don’t we? I get some at the side of the nose and my chin tends to sport some also. However, when my niece, aged 15, comes to stay, I notice she has some really large ones on the side of the nose, other wise her skin is very clear. One day I went into a Pound shop in town and found ‘Pond Cleansing Nose Strips’ for £1! I have noticed that they are upwards of £3.99 in Boots and other chemists so grabbed a couple ..." Read review

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Strip your clogged pores!

Advantagescheap, easy to use, results are on the strip

Disadvantagescan't really see much difference on your face after using, but I still like them

"I love these Pond’s Clear Pore Strips. I have used them on and off since I was a teenager. I have blackheads and larger pores on the exact area that these strips cover; across my nose and the area either side of my nose. ~ Packaging ~ These clear pore strips come individually wrapped in foil packets inside a card box. The box contains 6 strips. ~ Price ~ A box of 6 strips costs around £2.00, which I think is great value. I buy mine from a local ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Shekera


Pond's Clear Pore Strips - Work Like Magic

AdvantagesDoes what it says on the box.

DisadvantagesDon't let them dry out as they can be hard to remove.

"Having seen Pond’s Clear Pore strips advertised in a well-known woman’s magazine, I apprehensively bought a pack from a high street chemist. I had previously tried Biore’s Deep Cleansing Facial strips, which I thought were quite expensive at £7.50 for a pack of six, especially as I was not completely satisfied with the results. However, never being one to give in easily, I tried the Pond’s strips. What They Do ========== These ..." Read review

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Long Name Cleansing Nose Strips
Type Face Accessory
Genre Cleansing Strip
Manufacturer Ponds


Listed on Ciao since 09/09/2000

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