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Pot Black Stephen Hendry Snooker Table

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well where to begin on this fine piece of engineering. The wobbliest, shakiest, slantiest snooker extravaganza known to man............and I love it! My biggest concern regarding this product is the fact that Stephen Hendry has actually endorsed this product. Quite clearly Stephen has never ... Read review

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Community Level 5Logan33


Waistcoats at the ready.......

AdvantagesCheap, snooker and pool, fold away

Disadvantagesunpredicatble roll of the balls!

"...final moments in your head; pot the black, help yourself to the tenner over on the side and proceed bragging rights for the next 3 hours down the pub. And so with hands shaking slightly less than the table, you take your position behind the white ball. To your delight, its as straight as a di, or whats known in the trade as "an easy one". So you take a few deep breaths to calm yourself.......hang on, lets get a bit of chalk on this badboy, we don't ..." Read review

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Long Name Stephen Hendry Snooker Table
EAN 5017915870203
Type Sports Table
Manufacturer Pot Black


Listed on Ciao since 13/11/2007

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