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Powerade Mountain Blast Energy Drink

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So. You've finally decided to do something about the imminent beer baby that strains against the belt of your jeans whenever you bend over, and you're fed up of being gasping and out of breath after walking downstairs. Time to get healthy, time to get fit. You join a gym. Six months later ... Read review

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Community Level 6Olly_Plims...


I've Got the Powerade Blues

AdvantagesRehydration is important

DisadvantagesBut only if you're a serious athlete, and it tastes awful

"...the average human body. Yes, POWERade is basically just water with corn syrup and salt added. Corn syrup being the traditional base substance for fake blood in films, fact fans. You lose a lot of sodium as well as water when you sweat, so for all my carping, sports drinks are fulfilling a legitimate function. Whether it's legitimate enough to charge over a quid for a 500ml bottle (£1.25 in my newsagent, but prices vary a lot), though, is somewhat ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Ruby.xo



AdvantagesDoes what it says - gave me a BIG blast of energy!

DisadvantagesHorrible taste, gave me a headache, I don't like the lid, too much sugar for me

"...day, though.... ===Why Did I Buy Powerade Mountain Blast Energy Drink?=== I was shopping in Tesco with my friend - we were just picking up some sandwiches and drinks for lunch that day. As we were deciding over chicken salad or egg mayonnaise (chicken salad for me, always!) and then walked over to the drinks section, I came across this very bright blue drink. Although I thought it looked disgusting, as I hate foods and drinks that are brightly ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mark.p


The TOILET WATER that replenishes electrolytes?

AdvantagesEffects can well be felt!

DisadvantagesTastes like toilet water, packaging is awful!

"...is! Unlike other sports drinks, Powerade have managed to make a drink that is also low calorie meaning that you don’t pile back on the weight that you may have just slaved over losing previously to drinking Mountain Blast. This is done by sweetening the drink a ‘high fructose corn syrup’ which is pretty much the outcome when you breakdown any form of glucose (normal animal sugars) into fructose (plant sugars) which are much healthier with less detrimental ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Lunar_see


"I'm blue da ba de da ba da"

AdvantagesRefreshes, rehydrates, the colour, the bottle design

DisadvantagesTaste isnt that great, my own preference to water

"...that drew my attention was Powerade because with that bright blue colour it immediately catches your eye as you browse and it looks interesting. With a closer inspection of my bottle of Powerade I noticed that this product was made by Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd and is a world wide brand which has been around since 1988, so with that borne in mind I was hoping that this would be quite a decent product, although I have to admit I am not a fan of fizzy ..." Read review

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Community Level 5jaygami1986


Powerade, let the force be with you

AdvantagesRead Opp

DisadvantagesRead Opp

"Powerade Mountain Blast Energy Drink: OK so as you would have guessed it, this review is about the POW; Powerade Mountain Blast Energy Drink. Now i am a member of a running club, having run the marathon in 2007, i decided to pick up running on a more regular basis. As part of being a member, i have the opportunity to get free samples of different health products to try and test, this ranges from sports hydration drinks, health bars, clothes etc, i ..." Read review

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