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Prague: A Novel - Arthur Phillips

Prague: A Novel - Arthur Phillips

A group of American ex-pats en route to adventure, inspiration, or perhaps even ... more

history-in-the-making in exotic Prague, somehow
get side-tracked and settle instead for the
enigmatic city of Budapest. Arriving in Hungary's
capital to pursue his elusive brother, journalist
John Price finds himself drawn into the din of
Budapest's nightclubs, a romance with a secretive
young diplomat, the table of an elderly cocktail
pianist, and the moody company of a young man
obsessed with nostalgia, all in a bid to forget
the larger questions that arise in a city still
pocked with bullet holes from war and crushed
rebellion. With humour, intelligence and masterly
prose, Phillips captures the character of his
contemporaries and brilliantly renders a very
weird 'modern' city.

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A group of American expats en route to adventure, inspiration, or perhaps even history in the making in exotic Prague, somehow get sidetracked and settle instead for the enigmatic and enlightening city of Budapest.

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EAN 9780715635247
Type Fiction
Genre Modern Fiction
Title Prague
Author Arthur Phillips
Edition Paperback
Publisher Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd
ISBN 0715635247


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