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published 16/05/2005 | Mickie26
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Pro Helps keep you awake and alert.
Cons Can be potentially dangerous, addictive, loads of side effects and too readily available.
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"The Plus Isn't The Question"

Pro Plus is purely caffeine based every pill contains 50mg of caffeine. Two tablets contain caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee. They make you feel more awake, maintain mental alertness and make you feel less tried. They are supposed to bring you rapid relief from temporary tiredness and in my experience they do this, but the after effects are not worth any relief you may get from the initial rush. Available in all leading chemists priced £2.15, £3.79 and £5.65 R.R.P this is for packs of 24, 48 and 96.

Pro plus is addictive there are no questions about that. The fact that it has a high content of caffeine is of course, it's addiction. There are good sides to this drug, but there are also a lot of bad points. If you use this tablet sensibly and not all the time then you shouldn't get addicted. My husband has just bought a packet because he is not well and cannot drink coffee. His addiction is for coffee so he bought a packet in hope it would curb his caffeine addiction and they did work. Each tablet contains the active ingredient: 50mg Caffeine Anhydrous Ph. Eur. - also contains Sorbitol and Magnesium Stearate. So as you can see clearly it's main ingredient is caffeine. This is a drug that is known for it's benefits in fighting tiredness and for that reason a lot of students use this drug. For those students that want to stay up all night working on an assignment it is fine to take pro plus from time to time. You should not take these tablets all of the time however and if your tiredness persists you should go and see a doctor because it could be the symptom of another illness.

Scientists have said that caffeine stimulates the brain like amphetamines, cocaine and heroin do it is an addictive drug. It is possible to take a caffeine overdose which could result at worst in death. As a mild stimulant, Caffeine increases the heart rate and blood pressure. Which you can see would be dangerous for someone with high blood pressure that is why they do not recommend excess caffeine for people with high blood pressure. It can help with concentration levels and can be a good thing on a mild basis. It is when you consume higher levels that it can be dangerous.

When I was younger I would take 12 pro plus tablets at once and I really would advise against this as it can be very dangerous especially if you suffer from high blood pressure or a weak heart. The effects of taking 12 tablets at one time made me feel very dizzy as though the whole world was spinning around in front of my eyes I also felt nausea. It was not a pleasant feeling, but I also liked the buzz that it gave me which is why I took 12 at a time. We used to think nothing of it to take pro plus and then go out and get totally drunk on alcohol which of course, is dangerous. It was the in thing to take pro plus when I was younger if we wanted to stay up till the early hours of the morning dancing the night away then we would pop 12 tablets and then be alert all night. It was as though we didn't look at pro plus as a drug because it was available at the chemists and you didn't have to go to the doctor to get it. Then when it became available in the shops we used to be able to get hold of it really easily so we didn't consider the dangers it was just a harmless way of staying up all night. It seemed to increase our enjoyment and when your at that age you just want to experiment and have a bit of fun. You don't think of the consequences or the way it might affect your body.

I disagree with it's wide availability it means that a child who does not know any better would be able to purchase this drug. Children can get addicted really easily before they realise it. Once you are addicted to caffeine it is really difficult to break the cycle and there are also side effects that you would get from withdrawal symptoms. My husband, who is addicted to coffee because of it's caffeine levels has tried to quit on a number of times which produces headaches and grumpiness. In the end he has always gone back to drinking regular coffee. Although it's wide availability seems obvious the fact is, the drug is addictive and can be dangerous if in the wrong hands.

Some people have been known to snort this drug which increases it's potency, but also puts a greater risk of strain on your heart and is very dangerous.

When I have tried to swallow these even with a drink you can taste the bitter taste from the tablet. White in colour and fairly small they are relatively easy to swallow, but can leave a bitter aftertaste in your mouth. They come in a white box with Pro Plus written in red letters with a blue tick through the letters this seems like it is giving the message that it is o.k. to take these, but caffeine is not a safe drug. On the box it is says they are fast acting, but I have taken 2 of these and fallen asleep afterwards so I don't know about the fast acting bit. Apparently you can take 2 every hour, but if you think about how much caffeine is going into your body and how dangerous caffeine is then it hardly seems like a sensible thing to take. It says on the box that you should not take more than 12 of these in any 24 hour period. If you exceed this then you are at risk of taking an overdose and excess caffeine can kill.

Some people take Pro Plus to help with a hangover, but it should be mentioned that since caffeine is a dehydrating drug then plenty of water should also be drunk to keep the effects of the hangover away. Far better to drink an isotonic drink such as, iron bru which is far quieter on the stomach.

Some people may also find that Pro Plus helps them to exercise and keep alert during exercise. However because of the effects on the heart by this drug it is debatable how safe it is to mix Pro Plus with exercise. Of course, the drug companies themselves would not talk about the dangers they want to sell as much as they possibly can so target those that they know would use an extra caffeine hit. These include, students, young people, workers, athletes and anyone else they can think of to make an easy prey. It is not in question to the drug companies that caffeine may be harmful what they want is to make money. Advertising campaigns have shown this the way they advertise that Pro Plus helps keep you awake. Usually during adverts they feature young people like students who they know would use this drug.

I'm not disputing the fact that Pro Plus might have helped some people. What I'm disputing is the fact, it is so readily available. Like alcohol and cigarettes, caffeine is a drug that can be harmful. Pro Plus can also have a come down what that means is that whilst taking them you may feel good when you don't take them you can get all sorts of nasty side effects this is what makes the drug so addictive. You may get headaches, irritability, tiredness and aggressiveness. Some people get insomnia from taking Pro Plus because of all the caffeine intake which in turn leads to a vicious circle because you end up feeling tired during the day due to lack of sleep the user will take more of Pro Plus to keep them awake. Many long distance drivers also take Pro Plus to keep them alert and awake during driving the thing is it is more dangerous driving under the influence of these drugs. A lot of people look at Pro Plus as harmless, but they can quickly get a hold of you and lead to a nasty addiction that is very difficult to break. My brother was addicted to these drugs and soon found that he could not get through the day without them. The thing is because he also suffers from migraines the excess caffeine was making them worse. The arguments in our house when I was living at home were awful not just teenage stuff, but full blown arguments especially when my brother was withdrawing from them. Of course, there is another side of this the fact that my brother then went on to try cocaine and other drugs. Just like cannabis they can open the door and lead the curious into a world of danger. Oh I know there will be people who disagree with what I have said, but at the end of the day we all have our own opinions and that's what so good about Ciao the fact that it is about your own opinion. As well as expressing my opinion I hope that I have provided you with knowledge and more awareness about Pro Plus, what exactly they are, the dangers as well as some benefits. It's up to you at the end of the day whether you chose to use them or not. What I will say though is if you do decide to use them then be sensible and don't take too many at once. Keep to the recommended dose as you should do with all medication.

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  • Secre published 30/04/2007
    A good review, informative and detailed...I agree with some and not all though...I don't personally think that they lead to stronger drugs...I take these alot when I have a hefty piece of coursework to do, but i can see the point on the addictiveness and potential dangers...I think the most I managed was over 50 in a 24 hour period...and yeah, they don't make you feel fact I felt pretty damn awful (But I was awake!) particularly on the come down when I had to either take more or a couple of double espressos to keep me upright...but equally they didn't kill me...I don't often use them...only when I am desperate...there are downfalls but they are also bleeding useful! Lissy
  • stepho222 published 30/12/2005
    i used to take pro plus when i was at uni so that i could stay up all night doing assessments stephaniexx
  • teresacrew published 20/09/2005
    Great review, very informative and interesting. Tre x
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