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published 26/08/2011 | xxfoxyredxx
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"Is it Pro Plus?"

Of late I've been feeling really very run down. As I type this I've had little sleep and I'm waiting for some blood test results to confirm I have low potassium (again!). I have almost zero energy, even typing this is a chore today and I've been feeling this way for days now!

Still though, I have battled on and tried to continue my life as normal, ignore my tiredness until yesterday actually when I was at gym and I just wanted to cry. I was exhausted after a couple of minutes. I'd just been for a blood test and felt even worse though I know when the Dr confirms it's my potassium levels I get drinks to sort it out but in the meantime I feel so awful that I have two options. Give in, go to bed and do nothing or I try and take some charge over my life.

Whilst out (and dragging myself around a supermarket) I decided before I completely give in to it all to try some more natural remedies. I bought strong coffee, invigorating teas, some Nytol and things like that to try help me rest easier. I bought gallons of orange juice, water and some Vitamin C dispersible tablets and as I was going through check out I spotted these at the tills costing £1.59 for 24 pills and put back the 'Peps' I was originally going to buy as these worked out a couple of pence more for an extra 4 tablets. I'm not suggesting for one minute that the above concoction will suit everyone but all I want is some short term energy fixes till the Doctor sorts me out!

The Packaging:

White oblongish box and on the front in large red and blue lettering I'm told they are Pro Plus (there is tick over that), Caffeine, 24 Tablets 'Feel more awake'. Other information on the back of the box includes being told what they are for, dosage advice is given, warnings are listed and contact details for Bayer PLC are given (the manufacturer of the product). Open the box and in this case I have 2 strips of foil backed pills and there's a leaflet in there that explains alot about what the product is and gives a lot of warnings etc.

The Pills:

I'm not going to try to advise who should take these and who shouldn't there are lots of warnings given and I suggest you read that before making the purchase to check your ok first with taking them as they are caffeine and they do have side effects.

So the tablets are small, round white and tasteless with the words pro plus engraved into them. Best taken with a big glass of water, me, I take mine with a coffee actually (though this isn't advised lol). You can take up to 8 tablets a day in sets of two and it's advised that if you drink coffee or get caffeine from any other source to not take so many pills. Basically 1 tablet equals one weak cup of filter coffee so if you take 2 your having a strong coffee in tablet form. Instant coffee typically provided 20-73g coffee etc so in some cases these tablets are more potent than a coffee in the caffeine hit stakes and the maximum recommended caffeine intake a day is 400mg so bear in mind if you take 8 of these a day you shouldn't really have caffeine from another source.

Though I do and like I say I'm not a medical person I personally drink a lot of coffee, drink coke, drink energy drinks, tea and eat chocolate (though chocolate doesn't contain that much caffeine normally) and still take 8 of these a day if need be and I've come to no harm. Like with any medication though you have to watch how your feeling and I do that. I don't get any more jittery taking these on top of my usual stuff.

Do They Work Though?:

Bear In mind I'm completely shattered and this is probably a medical problem rather than what a few sleepless nights have created but yes I feel they do ever so slightly help. I have taken these a few times in my life when I've needed to and although I don't feel they're amazing I do feel a little more alert, even if that's for a limited time. I took two of these a couple of hours ago and although I still feel tired I am more alert and able to function better, though I'm sure if I went back to bed these wouldn't fight any sleep coming my way though like I say I am a bit more alert.

If you can take a product such as these and wish too I feel these are one of the best products of this type on the market. With say Peps although they only contain much the same caffeine values as these do, for some reason they make me jittery from time to time and these don't. what I also appreciate with these is that they are well coated and small and easy to swallow so its no big deal to take them.

I really like them, they're a supplement not a cure and like I said I'm ill and find they work slightly so if your only looking to perk yourself up for a bit they should do a better job for you!

Recommended from me, to try and they're very widely available in chemists and supermarkets alike, I picked mine up in Morrisons.

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  • Secre published 05/09/2011
    I used to use them to get me through all nighters at uni. Worked wonders, but I had to be careful how many I took as I could tip myself over the edge into crazy land with them! Lissy
  • RICHADA published 30/08/2011
    Not a product that I'm feeling a need for - but I hope that you are on the way up by now. R. xxx
  • catsholiday published 27/08/2011
    I think I'd be buzzing!
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