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Ill be honest from the start and that is Im a Psion man through and through. I owned a series 3c back in the day, I had a 5mx (Ericsson MC 218) until I got drunk and dropped it. Rather than replace that I thought Id just go for a Revo Plus as it seemed to do all the things I used the MC ... Read review
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Psion Revo Plus 16MB

Psion Revo Plus 16MB

The Psion Revo Plus, looks remarkably similar to its sister product, the Revo. It also ... more

shares many of its characteristics, being a
powerful, feature-rich, and lightweight PDA. The
most notable differences from the Revo are the
inclusion of an extra 8Mb of memory (making 16Mb
in total) and the addition of some Web browsing
software, for both standard Web pages in the form
of the highly respected Opera Web browser and WAP
(wireless application protocol) pages, more
commonly associated with the new breed of mobile
phones.An interesting alternative to Palm or
Pocket PC organisers, the Revo Plus is stylish and
slim and has a high-speed processor plus built-in
long-life rechargeable batteries.The Revo is
relatively simple to set up. Connect the AC
adapter to the serial cable (the power cord does
not plug into the docking station), hook up the
serial cable to your PC, open the case and slide
the Revo Plus into the docking station. (It cannot
fit into the docking station unless the case is
open.) A green LED confirms that the Revo is
properly docked and a red LED indicates that the
battery is fast charging. The battery charges to
85 percent capacity in just 1.5 hours and fully
charges in four hours, and the battery lasts about
12 hours. The Revo Plus is based along the same
lines as earlier Psion models, but with
considerable cosmetic and technical improvements.
You operate this organiser with the 14
touch-sensitive buttons that border its screen or
by using the stylus to tap onscreen buttons and
menus. Psion has made every effort to keep the
operational controls above the keyboard, thus
maximising the space available for keys. Still,
typing on this small keyboard requires much
getting used to, and the keys' tactile feedback is
not very satisfying.In our tests, we typed memos,
made appointments, added addresses and created a
sample spreadsheet using the Psion's built-in
applications. Agenda and contact information
automatically synchronises with your PC. For other
files, such as those made using the Psion's
surprisingly advanced word processor and
spreadsheet applications, the PsiWin software
transfers and converts the files to a
PC-compatible format, such as Microsoft Word or
Excel. The Revo's PsiWin software is also
compatible with Lotus SmartSuite, WordPerfect,
dBASE and more.Psion licences its EPOC operating
system from Symbian, so the interface is not as
instantly obvious as with a Microsoft Pocket
PC/Handheld PC-based device. However, the steps to
perform tasks are relatively intuitive. The Revo
is accompanied by an extensive Handbook that
provides a detailed introduction to the
comprehensive suite of PIM applications and a
CD-ROM with additional utilities and tools.The
Revo's built-in applications are Calc, Time, Word,
Data, Sheet and Cascade. Additional applications
include Today View, Agenda, Contacts, Phone and
Jotter. The Revo Plus also supports e-mail, SMS
messaging, Web browsing, PC synchronisation and
connections to compatible mobile phones through
its infrared port and an optional travel modem. If
you are looking for an alternative to both Pocket
PC and Palm OS organisers, consider the Psion Revo
Plus. --Jason Weston

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Community Level 3Briz_Hatch...


Its the keyboard that does it

AdvantagesSmall and sleek.Does everything I reasonably need it too.

DisadvantagesThe stylet is maybe a bit fiddley.Built in battery.

"...and that is Im a Psion man through and through. I owned a series 3c back in the day, I had a 5mx (Ericsson MC 218) until I got drunk and dropped it. Rather than replace that I thought Id just go for a Revo Plus as it seemed to do all the things I used the MC 218 for. The functions I find the most useful are the Agenda, Alarm, World Time, Spreadsheet, Contacts/Database, Email and Word. This is, Ive just realised, pretty much all of them. Of ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 6Dalesman


Somthing to play with that fits in your hand

AdvantagesA compact little number that fits in your hand

Disadvantageswould be even better with flash memeory cards

"I just bought my new Psion Revo Plus 16Mb from Yahoo auctions brand new for 120 ( although it is higher priced in the shops ..at just aver 200), the main reason for my purchase was mainly because I felt vunerable carrying my laptop about with me and needed something a little more discreet, less weighty but that could meet most of my needs whilst travelling, and I have to say that this little beauty has certainly fitted the bill... Apart from ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 2Shamsher78


Organise your Work and Social Life

AdvantagesKeyboard, Speed, Ease of use

DisadvantagesScreen not always clear in bad light, Why no lithium ion batteries?

"...reason why I chose the Psion over Palm and Sony alternatives was that it comes with a tiny keyboard built in, this takes some getting used to because the keys appear to be hinged at the bottom so you need to press the top of the key to be sure of a key press being registered. It comes with a cd rom of extra software such as opera web browser, a very good wap browser and a serial docking station. To save memory you can choose what you want to install ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 3psipple


Even more pocket power

AdvantagesPowerful and fully featured

DisadvantagesNo backlight

"The Revo Plus builds on Psion's successful Revo machine by doublng the memory (from 8MB to 18MB) and by supplying a few extra goodies on the PsiWin CD that accompanies the machine. The software on the machine itself hasn't changed much since the Revo, and as there wasn't much wrong with it, this decsion seems to make sense. The Revo is a well spec'ed little machine capable of doing far more than just diary and address book stuff, such as word process ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 4MikeWhalley


Corniche leather case. Protect your Revo in style

AdvantagesLeather, better looking than a plastic case, snug fit and reasonably cheap

DisadvantagesOffers only slight protection when dropped.

"...to find some hard plastic Psion cases. I wasn't too impressed, as they were around 20 at the time. So I'm sorry to say this, but I decided to pop down to my local PC World - and was plesantly surprised. What they had there, apart from the plastic hard cases (and I don't mean the students working there), was a Corniche black leather case. This was more like it. It has a slight bit of padding, but obviously offering nowhere near as much protection ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

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Product Information for "Psion Revo Plus" »

Manufacturer's product description

Psion Connect presents the Revo Plus taking the Revo to new horizons of increased capacity and extended Internet communications options. It provides enough room to accommodate more of your information and the addition of extended applications, such as fully functional Web browsing solutions. If you're juggling social connections, business commitments and the totally unexpected, pick up a Psion Revo Plus. Psion Revo Plus is designed to fit right into your pocket - and right into your life. It offers agenda, contacts manager, e-mail on the move, jotter, PC sync and lots more to stay ahead of a busy life.


MPN 1070002001, 1070002002, MREVO16M
Product Type Handheld
Operating System Symbian EPOC32 5


Type Monochrome
Resolution 480 x 160
Colour Depth 4-bit (16 grey levels)


Processor ARM ARM710T
Processor Clock Speed 36 MHz




Audio Speaker

Input device

Type Keyboard, touch-screen


Preloaded Software Agenda, Appointment book, Jotter, Phonebook, Contacts, Web Browser, E-mail, Alarm/World Time, Word, Sheet, Data, Cascade, Calc, PsiWin 2.3

Expansion and connectivity

Interfaces 1 1 x serial RS-232
Show all Product InformationHide additional Product Information
Connectivity Devices Docking station


Voltage Required AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )


Installed Qty (Max Supported) 2 (installed) / 2 (max)
Technology Nickel Metal Hydride - AAA type
Run Time Up to 14 hours


Included Accessories Power adapter , stylus

Dimensions & weight

Width 15.7 cm
Depth 1.8 cm
Height 7.8 cm
Weight 200 g

Environmental parameters

Min Operating Temperature 0 C
Max Operating Temperature 50 C
Min Storage Temperature -10 C
Max Storage Temperature 60 C


Listed on Ciao since 10/01/2001

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