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Psychic Case Files - Tony Stockwell

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The Psychic Case Files - Tony Stockwell

The Psychic Case Files - Tony Stockwell

Paperback. Pub Date: 2008 Pages: 224 Publisher: Hodder Stoughton Ltd. Missing PERSONS. ... more

Mystery suicides haunted houses and murder ...
Tony Stockwell is regularly asked by victims of
crime and their families to use his Psychic powers
to help investigate casesthat have not yielded to
conventional methods. In this fascinating
collection. he opens his case files. including:
Suicide or Murder - At the request of a family.
Tony investigates the death of a young boy who
died in an apparent suicide which Tony believes
involved foul play.Missing Children - Two children
mysteriously disappear while their mother's back
is turned. Years later. Tony reads for her and
finds a clue to their whereabouts ... And many
more ... This is a treasure trove for anyone who
is interested in the realm beyond our
own.Contents: Introduction: Silent Witnesses 1The
Case FilesRecce Collins and Kevin Hicks ...

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Police, victims of crime, and family members regularly ask Tony Stockwell to use his psychic powers to help investigate cases that have not yielded to conventional methods. In this fascinating collection, Tony opens his case files and discusses...

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Type Non-Fiction
Genre Magic & Paranormal
Subgenre Parapsychology
Title Psychic Case Files
Author Tony Stockwell


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