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published 17/04/2005 | borninblood
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"We should have shotguns for this type of deal!"

I actually came online to write a review about the hit move Pulp Fiction, but when the search result came up, I was surprised to see that no one had dared tackle the soundtrack to the film, which in my opinion is on of its best features.

Anyone who is a fan of Quentin Tarantino will no doubt know that he has a soft spot for 70's music, and this comes across in all of his movies (Except the Kill Bill movies, he went a different path with those soundtracks). But out of all his movies, this is probably my favourite soundtrack.

As a break from my normal style of reviewing, I am going to break each song down and review it, then the album as a whole.

Tim Roth - Pumpkin and Honey Bunny

Tim Roth is one of my favourite actors, and although this wouldn't be one of his standout scenes, it is a nice feature that the opening dialog used in the movie is used at the start of the soundtrack. It is one of those quotes that you know, even if you haven't seen Pulp Fiction before. And of course, it leads into that classic bit of guitar music, then the trumpets kick in, into an orgy of sound that is the Pulp Fiction opening credit music. Wow.

Samuel L Jackson - Royale With Cheese

This is maybe not one of the coolest lines in the movie, but it is certainly memorable, and it was fitting I think to have this quote slotted into the soundtrack, some people I know think it sounds a little bit out of place, but I like it, and its my review!

Kool & The Gang - Jungle Boogie

Has there ever been a funkier song ever made? ever! This for me sums up Pulp Fiction, its just class. Pure funk with breakdowns, the lot in it. Good use of trumpets, and I particularly like the vocals in it. Great song.

Al Green - Let's Stay Together

This song is being played in the background when Butch is talking to Marcelles Wallace about the fight that Butch is going to fix in Mr Wallace's favour. The song is far mellower than Jungle Boogie a very soft song, really good to chill out to. Not really a fan of this genre of music (See my others reviews and you will see!) but this song just works, good stuff.

Tornados - Bustin' Surfboards

This intrumental piece is so trippy its great, the waves breaking at the start means it flows pretty well with the song previous and although the guitar (The main instrument used in this song) is not overly complicated, it is just good, nice chance to get the old air guitar out and really go for it!

Ricky Nelson - Lonesome Town

Probably one of my least favourite songs on this compilation album, this may be because there is no memorable link between this and the movie itself, or maybe the depressing country and western song is just too much. Its also incredible cheesy, if you ever get a scratch on your cd and one track is ruined, you would hope it would be during this track.

Dusty Springfield - Son of a Preacher Man

One of the most famous songs on this album, I am (thank god) too young to know if the film made this famous or if it was popular before hand, I really hope it was the later, it really is a good soul song. I am not as a general rule a big fan of female vocals, but Dusty's vocals on this track are powerful without being over-powering. Whoever you are, no matter how macho you think you are, YOU WILL SING ALONG TO THIS SONG, why fight it, it is that good.

Maria De Medeiros - Zed's Dead, Baby

Another classic quote from the film, backed up by a brilliant song. More of the same type of guitar work as found on Bustin' Surfboards, so if you like your trippyish songs with a good rhythm that you can just chill out to, this is a great song for you. Everyone needs to chill out once in a while, I suggest they do it to this.

Jerome Patri Hoben - Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest

Everyone knows this dance, before you were old enough to watch Pulp Fiction you were dancing the dance in the school disco. I wonder however how good this song is if you ignore the dance and the movie, a decent swing song I guess, but nothing out of this world. For fans of the movie it will do just fine, but for swing fans, I know there are better songs than this one to get your swing on to!

Urge Overkill - Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon

Quite possibly the best song on this album, very powerful with good lyrical content and even better music to back it up with. I don't know about any of you but I find myself doing the exact same thing Mia Wallace does in the film the "woah woah woah" thing. Please comment on this review telling me you do too! Could you also tell me, what type of music is this? I really can't put my finger on it, all I know is I love this song, and have been a fan of Urge Overkill for a while. As a side note, I would highly recommend the album - Americruiser by them.

Maria McKee - If Love Is a Red Dress (Hang Me in Rags)

More country and western rubbish in my opinion, although perhaps slightly better done, for some reason I can stomach female vocalists in this genre moreso than the male, they seem less whiney or something, one thing I will say about her, she can't half hold a note when she has to! At 4 minutes 56 seconds it seems a shame that the longest song on the album is probably the second worst.

Peter Green - Bring Out the Gimp

Whats that I hear? More funk? surely no! what better music to nearly get sodomised to, then escape by beating up a gimp only to render your enemies helpless with a samuari sword and shotgun. Its just funky and much like "Stuck In The Middle" used in Reseviour Dogs, Tarantino has picked a light hearted instrumental to break up what is otherwise a very dark scene.

Statler Borthers - Flowers on the Wall

A very different type of song now, very southern country bumpken. I really like this, I don't really know why though there is nothing lyrically or musically impressive, but when has that ever stopped anyone from finding a song catchy. Its a very bouncy song, very happy.

John Travolta - Personality Goes a Long Way

To be honest, I don't know why this quote was included, a funny bit of dialog but it doesn't really add to the album at all. it isn't even that good quality.

Lively Ones - Surf Rider

This instrumental piece is brillaint, sorta jazzy in style with a dash of funk and with a stoner vibe throughout. I have never been on an acid trip, but if I did, I would want this playing in my head. A good song to end the album on as far as actual songs go.

Samuel L Jackson - Ezekiel

What a way to leave the soundtrack on, perhaps the best bible quote (next to Iron Maidens number of the beast quote) Go to church kids, or this mother will bust a cap in yo ass! Seriously though, a good way to end this soundtrack, it was a thought out move, it wasn't just 52 seconds of filler.

My overall impression of this album is that although the flow of it can be a little disrupted by the variety and styles of song on display all and all it is an excellently crafted album and completes any cd collection well.

Buy it.

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  • berlioz published 22/04/2005
    A great movie and the music worked extremely well in it... Berli.
  • ryan1983 published 17/04/2005
    All good sound tracks, Tarantino is one of my faves..............RYAN
  • pinkmatchstick published 17/04/2005
    It's quite a good soundtrack....Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon is a cover of a Neil Diamond song by the way. Whatever happened to Urge Overkill?
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