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published 14/06/2007 | Looby5
Member since : 09/11/2003
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"Want to know more about me? Well read on..."

1. Name

2. Age and Date of Birth
I’m 31, born September 26th 1975

3. Hair Colour
Dark Brown

4. Tattoos
None, yuk!

5. Job
Operations Manager for a company that sells vending franchises, quite dull but it’s pays the bills.

6. Favourite Colour
Blue, I like most shades of blue, apparently I have a blue aura so that might explain it.

7. Home County.

Well, I currently live in Sydney, Australia so my home state is New South Wales. I was born and raised in Liverpool, Merseyside.

8. Current Relationship Status
Single and looking!

9. Favourite Food
Chicken… Chicken wings, Chicken legs, fried Chicken, grilled Chicken. I love it all. Have recently been on a vegetarian detox plan for 2 weeks and Chicken was the thing I missed most. I almost had cold chicken… hem… I mean turkey.

10. Been to Africa
Yep, holidayed in Tunisia once, didn’t like it much to be honest, someone tried to buy me.

11. Loved somebody so much it made you cry?
More times than I care to remember.

12 Been in a Car Accident.
A few minor scrapes, nothing major touch wood.

13 Sprite or 7UP
You don’t see 7up much here but that would have to be my favourite. Could take or leave them both though to be honest.

14. Favourite Movie
Oh god, how to you pick just one. I guess Dirty Dancing if I can only have one but also love Goodfellas with a passion.

15. Favourite Holiday
I’ve been fortunate to have many fantastic holidays but I’d say my favourite was in 2005 when a group of us went to a friends surprise wedding in New Zealand. The wedding party lasted for two days then a group of us went touring round the North Island for a week, ending up in Auckland. I’ve never drank so much in my life (not that it’s big or clever to be smashed for the best part of a week!). Those Kiwis know how to party!

16. Favourite day of the Week
Thursday is best because you get to look forward to Friday. Most of my colleagues don’t see the logic in this but it’s a no brainer to me, by the time you’re enjoying Friday its half over, on a Thursday it’s all still in front of you. Makes sense to me anyway…

17. Favourite Toothpaste
Ummmm, I used to love Colgate Blue Minty Gel but haven’t seen it for yonks, don’t even know if you any still get it. Anyone?

18. Favourite Restaurant
A restaurant called The Sumit in downtown Sydney, it’s on the 47th floor and like all the best restaurants rotates so you get a fantastic view of the Harbour and the Opera House. The food is awesome too. Downside is it has a price tag to match.

19 Favourite Flowers.

20. Favourite beverage!
Depends, hard to pick just one. Alcohol wise I’m a Gin girl but also a sucker for a good red. Can’t beat a lovely cup of tea either and I’ve got to say I love a glass of milk occasionally.

21. Favourite sport to watch
The mighty Liverpool FC of course.

22. Preferred type of Ice Cream
Cookies and Cream Hagen Daaz

23. Favourite Fast Food Restaurant
We have a chain here called Operto, they do all things Chicken and it’s really good quality. I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than eat McDonalds.

24. When was your last hospital visit?
November 2004, when I was being treated for my Thyroid problem at Whalley Range Hospital in Manchester. They were very good actually, no complaints.

25. What colour is your bedroom carpet?
It’s a nasty old grey colour, I haven’t changed it since I bought my flat. I’ll be putting wooden floor down in the next few weeks.

26. How Many times did you fail your drivers test?
2, I was really terrible. I’d say it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done including emigrating across the world by myself and doing a part time degree. It was absolutely hellish.

27. Who is the last person you read an opinion by before this?
I read this from Youngatheard60 and decided I’d have a crack so, if you read this, thanks.

28. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
Nah, I’m a good girl.

29. Which single store would you choose to max out your credit card?
Borders, books and CD’s under the same roof, wouldn’t take me long.

30. What do you do most often when you are bored?.
Ciao, reading, going for a walk or a swim and my most favourite, sitting in front of the telly watching Dr Phil!

31. Most annoying thing people say to me.
It’s not my job… Arghhhhhh…

32. Bedtime?
When I’m tired, there really is no pattern. I’m an 8 hours person though so if I have a late night I have to catch up somewhere along the line.

33. Favourite TV shows?
The afore mentioned Dr Phil, Neighbours, (it’s not popular to say it but I love it) The Biggest Looser (Aussie reality weight loss show) Eastenders, (I’m 6 months behind, I think Pauline dies this week for us) and anything on Biography channel. I know, I know, it’s all totally tragic!

34. Last person you went out to dinner with.
One of our suppliers took me to a very swanky Italian a couple of weeks ago, I had salt and pepper calamari… Yum… then a beautiful rare steak with peppercorn sauce, all washed down with a divine shiraz and a couple of shots on Limonchillo.

35. Last Movie you saw
At the movies it was Night at the Museum I think, which I loved. Watched Little Voice on DVD the other day though and really enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!


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  • manlybeach published 16/10/2009
    Always nice to find out a bit more about the person behind the photo. I used to live in Hornsby NSW many years ago and spent a lot of time at Manly Beach hence the username x
  • ilusvm published 28/12/2008
    i love reading these kinda things and finding out more about members! Em x
  • torr published 23/06/2007
    Enjoyed. D x
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