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... You've volume controls too, which is handy, and a gorgeous shiny mirrored Apple logo (naturally, an apple) on the back of the black back. It definity looks gorgeous, but as we know, looks can be deceiving! Initialising The phone comes in a little black cardboard box, that is a lot more ... Read review
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I can get a cheap deal but am wondering if it makes sense?

Hi - I can get hold of an iphone 3gs at a super price from a friend, but am wondering if it makes sense at this point in time given the soon-to-be-launched iphone 5? and the already existing iphone 4...does it make sense from a technology-perspective to take this, or is it smarter to wait for the iphone 5 to take the iphone 4 then? Happy for any recommendation:-)

Oesterreich 15.07.2011

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Question about Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB

Answer by spartan34

wait for the newer iphone and go to and get in a bidding war and u could get a new one for $30

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