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The refreshing yet flowery scent of Chanel No 19 never fails to remind me of sunnier days, which is always nice with this cold gloomy weather. Chanel No 19 was launched in 1970 - 48 years after Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel planned the 1923 launch of the more famous Chanel No 5. It was created ... Read review
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My recent bottle of 19 does not smell at all after the first strong aroma has died down-why?

In the past I have loved this perfume-this was bought from a reputable shop costing around £60.

natlea 27.02.2012

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Question about Chanel No 19

Answer by riass

i had the same problem with perfume. The reason is the alcohol. If this chemical goes bad then the smell is not that strong. I do not agree with the advice some people write so you can reverse this chemical change and make the smell improve. I had tried vinegar but no results, it has to do more with the power of it rather then actually working but you can try this or try adding oil. I wish i could tell you not to buy, but i love perfume as well

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