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During the summer I fatefully tried a scent of the Clarins product Eau de Jardins and promptly fell in love with it. But I'm a girl on a budget and can't buy top-level beauty products – basically anything that warrants a condescending perma-tanned blonde in a white outfit in a department store ... Read review
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please somebody tell of it use

would like to know more about the product

samuelgbenga 04.10.2011

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Question about Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Answer by daisyleex

The product is a moisturizer which brightens the face and tightens the skin. It can be used in the mornings or at night - apply (without massaging) a very thin layer over the face, neck and eye area. Makeup can be put on ontop of the product. Beauty Flash Balm can also be used as a facial mask 2 or 3 times a week. ?> :

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has anybody with really sensitive skin tried this products

I want my sister who has very sensitive skin to use this but i don't know if it suitable for sensitive skin?

marianne77 02.05.2010

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Question about Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Answer by Jacqs2010

I have excema, although I haven't tried this specific product I have used many Clarins products without any irritation to my skin. I can't use most over the counter products but Clarins does seem to be very gentle on the skin. She could try a a bit on a small area of skin and wait 48 hrs to see if any irritation occurs. Alternatvely the Clarins sales staff are usually very helpful, may even give her a small tester tube.

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