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... On the advice of my son (who has one) and good old 'Which' Magazine, I invested in a Delonghi "G011230RTW" rapido 3kw oil filled radiator. I got it second hand for £50.00. A new one would have had me forking out around £150.00. I have to say, I am so impressed with it that I wouldn't have ... Read review
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it says 7 settings what are the settings in wattage exactly and how do they work thankyou

how much wattage does the quick heat function use,i guess its 1kw extra on top of the 2kw that the heater already possesses is this right thankyou

georgeocana 12.11.2011

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Question about Delonghi G 011230 RTW Rapido

Answer by Nar2

Its impossible to quote wattage settings per heat selection for any heater let alone this type. It has a 3kw total which means 3000 watts. The quick heat function uses the top setting (i.e. 3kw) for a limited period and just offers a boost of heat in a quick setting rather than waiting longer normally if just switched on.

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