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Hi, I have four items i would like to sell but do not know if they are sellable i.e. amethyst ring,

question carried forward - pearl ring, leather chess board with what i think is ivory legs and what i think is an ivory bracelet could be plastic unsure. Regards, Tracy

Tracyfab 21.03.2012

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Question about Dickinson's Real Deal

Answer by bellaam

If you take the jewelry to an experienced jeweler and make sure that it is legitimate, and clean then i see no reason why you would't be able to sell them.

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i have a prince william cup

on this cup at the bottom has on ( prince william. warranted. 22 carat gold . made in england) an trying to find out how much this is worth as i would like to sell it to some one who will look after it ,. my dad and mam pass it down to me . now that there are gone i would like to let it go .it time. thank you. i do have a photo of this item but you have no uplod button on

karen831962 01.09.2011

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Question about Dickinson's Real Deal

Answer by poferriesvictim

Hi hope this is the cup your looking to sell please look at the link I have placed it will show all royal collections. If it is the cup then type into google "royal family memorabilia collectors" and it should show all collectors details then just contact them and let them know what you have to offer and if they are interested. Good Luck...:-) ?> :

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