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... So we saw on television and in newspaper adds that Dolphin Bathroom were having a sale, so we decided to call them up and get a quote from them. The salesman came out to see us and was friendly and was there for about 4 hours and didn’t pressure us once into buying a bathroom from ... Read review
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should i go ahead with dolphin bathrooms?

i have a sales person coming this friday for a quote on a bathroom suite they told me over the phone that there prices start from £5,000 and the sale is on so it will be half price i am looking for a company that will supply and fit the bathroom suite also i want to spread the cost monthly as i cant afford to pay full dolphin is the only company i can find that will do that but now i have read so many bad reviews please help

nazneen786 13.01.2010

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Question about Dolphin Bathrooms

Answer by ex-salesman

In short, no You have just been sold a £3000 bathroom for around £7500 I was with them for 2 years. I even had to take them to court for wages they owed me. Dolphin spend around 1.5 million on January sales advertising. You pay for that. Dolpin salesman earn around 10% for cash and 20% on finance even more if you take payment protection. They believe that there are too many people who need bathrooms to worry about customers coming back.

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