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...V which was actually for Perspirex, so when I went and did my weekly shop I had a look for it and found it but sat right next to it was Driclor, which claims to do exactly the same but much cheaper so I decided on trying Driclor. What is Driclor -? Driclor is an anti-perspirant designed ... Read review
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Can I use it on my palms and feets?

I suffer from exessive sweating in my palms and feets so I was wondering if I can use on these area and if it would it be effective

mrmsaleeba 02.07.2011

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Question about Driclor

Answer by prettypolly40

I can advise you can use this product on your palms and feet as well as underarms, just follow the instructions of use for nighttime. Hope this product works for you.

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will it also help to prevent excessive sweating on face

i only sweat excessively on my face,

deanmorel22 09.08.2010

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Question about Driclor

Answer by Billy74

Hi, while I'm not recommending you use it, I do use it on my face. My hormones flipped in my early 30s and I was sweating profusely everywhere, face included. I tend to roll a little on my forehead and spread it with my fingers. It's a strong chemical so keep well away from your eyes. Just like anywhere else on your body, use too much and you'll be irritated and have dry/sore skin. Try and little and see how you go - less is more with Driclor.

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