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... So to satisfy my coffee cravings I buy Nescafe Cappuccino sachets. They are really handy because you don’t have to add milk to them. This is a lifesaver at work, because most of the time someone forgets to buy the milk, so ordinary coffee and tea is out of the question. I have a store ... Read review
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is there any saccharine in it

dianne79skipper 07.07.2011

Question status: open

Question about Nescafe Cappuccino Coffee

Answer by ryna0000

i don't know exactly but i think that there some saccharine in it , i drink cup of it once with my friend it's very testy and i like it so much , and i planning to bought it coming soon . i like drink nescafe and i can't live with out it . but when i test it i change may opinion and decision to brought it nearly , nescafe cappuccino A high quality product ,i love this brand very much i can't change this brand ever , and get it very easily

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