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... I give the Nikon Coolpix L120 an 8/10 on image quality, looks and ease of use. I recommend this to tourists, beginners to photography or people doing photography courses in school. Its well worth the money, and I love mine!... Read review

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Is it a good camera for its price?

Hi, I'm about to buy this camera but i want to have other views. I am going a big trip next year and i want to be able to take good photos. I just don't have the budget to buy a realllly good camera. So i'm hesitating between this one and a Kodak EASYSHARE Z5010 . Which one do you prefer and why??

gabye 06.05.2012

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Question about Nikon Coolpix L120

Answer by princekukku8

If you need fast shooting performance, though, you'll need to spend more money. but nikkon coolpix is the one i reccomend because the other has 5 x zoom and nikkon has 4x zoom in other cases like style use i will buy coolpix if iam you. but we cant say kodak is not worth because in comparing this with that its like jackfruit and mango i mean two taste so in low price you should buy kodek if you are not ready to spend more $

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