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The Nintendo DS Lite The Nintendo DS Lite (“NDSL”) was released in the UK in June 2006 as a replacement for the Nintendo DS (“NDS”). The NDSL is approximately 39% smaller and 21% lighter than its predecessor, however the signatory dual screen remains the same size, which is some feat. ... Read review
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i have one but i would like to know are they very durable

gadgetsavykye 05.08.2010

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Answer by Msidea

HaHaHa That is a great question for me. My son has one he keeps in his hand at all times. I mean even when I ask him to help with grocery bags or to clean his room. He does everything one handed unless I say otherwise. So you can imagine how often it has been dropped or fallen and stepped on at times. It still works just as good as when he first got it. So durable YES. VERY DURABLE. Hope that helps. I'm buying my 4 year old one next month ;)

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