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... This is where Interpet no 9 comes in, it is stated as a treatment for Internal Bacterial Infections in all types of fish, it is a liquid which you add to the water in necessarily precise amounts depending on the size of your aquarium. You must use two doses several days apart to effectively ... Read review
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Please advise if its safe to use in a tank with Red Cherry Shrimp and Assassin Snails without harming them?

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AlwaysLate 16.05.2012

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Question about Interpet No 09 Anti Internal Bacteria

Answer by Aaishah

Typically, it is unsafe to use any chemicals in water that is inhabited by shrimp or snails as both are VERY sensitive to chemicals and water conditions. Although it may be safe to use with other fish in the tank, I would suggest you stay on the safe side and either isolate infected fish or the snails and shrimp. Hope this helps!

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