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... Such is the case with the Silverlit PiccooZ. Silverlit I purchased this ate last year for £19.99 in Maplin store, and since then it has popped out every so often to amuse some tiresome hours. It’s not a big RC helicopter its quite small but it is fun to play with. Tasha our cross ... Read review

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We've had one of these given for Christmas.But ours will not ascend at all but falls to the ground.

This is even with full throttle. Any suggestions what could be wrong?

paulbown123 26.12.2011

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Question about Silverlit PicooZ Remote Control Helicopter

Answer by dickie92

There are only 2 likely causes of this problem. Like stated before, the battery is the most obvious one. Without enough power or a full charge when you got it, the copter will struggle to fly. The other issue would be some sort of a fault, whether it be the motor not working properly or a design fault which is causing the problem. Try the battery charge and if that doesnt work contact the company that makes them/the place you bought it from.

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