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... You can either buy a set-top box that also contains a hard disk drive and two tuners, (aka Personal Video Recorder or PVR), or buy a machine like the Sony RDR-HXD870 which can not only receive Freeview, but record to a hard drive, and thence to a built-in DVD recorder if the need to archive ... Read review
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Transfer recordings from HDD to an external device to free up space

What are the limitations of front panel USB port? I want to free space on HDD and transfer recordings to an external device-possible? Secondly. if recordings are removed/deleted from HDD, is the index recording reference also removed? If so, is there any way of retaining this index? DaithiLacha

DaithiLacha 03.10.2010

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Question about Sony RDR-HXD 870

Answer by BNibbles

Unfortunately, according to spec, the 2 USB ports (1x type a, 1x type b) can only be used for downloading files or outputting pictures to a Pictbridge compatible printer. The only digital back-up you can do is to DVD. Some Freeview PVRs can transfer files (eg Topfield and some Humax), but the situation is actually getting worse. My new 3View HD Freeview box can't transfer files because the programme guide for HD programmes copyrights the files.

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