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The Suzuki Wagon R+ is a car you instantly love or loathe! - I love mine! When I told my best mate I'd bought a pre-owned one to replace my ageing Proton Persona he said 'Well you've never bought a decent car before, so why should you break the habit of a lifetime'. I felt his comments ... Read review
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Have O4 petrol Suzuki Wagon R..73000 miles. Had it since new...almost only driver.

During last month there has been noise when driving. Quite loud noise...not rattle just noise. Took it to garage to check exhaust because that is kind of noise. Exhaust fine. Driving across moors yesterday so no faster than 55mph had to turn radio up high to drown sound!!Any ideas about what it could be or whether I can improve situation?

urscam 14.06.2013

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Question about Suzuki Wagon R+ 1.3

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why is my 2002 auto heavy on fuel it has 80000miles on the clock

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williamdixon 17.03.2012

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Question about Suzuki Wagon R+ 1.3

Answer by llgsimpson

Is it the car or is it the increasing petrol prices! my best guess would be to make sure the car is serviced regularly, keeping all filters changed, air filter - petrol filter ect, don't run the car with low petrol otherwise dirt from the bottom of the tank clogs the filter, ensure your running the correct oil so the engine doesn't have to work harder. There could be many reasons but the above is the most obvious :)

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