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... So in my attempt to help those of you who are struggling in your eternal hunt for the good moisturiser (I feel your pain…), here is my review of The Body Shop’s Jojoba Daily Hydrating Moisture Cream! Before discovering this Jojoba Cream I was using a moisturiser from the Lush ... Read review
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Does this or other Body Shop moisturizers contain Cetyl, Ceatryl, or Benzoate Alcohol?

I am allergic to all eczema creams, appear to be allergic to Vaseline too and need a reliable moisturizer for my face body and hands that won't irritate me, do you have pure Shea Butter is that better?.. please help, I've suffered almost 3 tears with intensely itchy skin, rashes and a lot of pain and sleepless nights, I am a little better knowing by process of elimination what is possibly the cause, even so called Hyperallergenic products :(

catweazle007 29.06.2011

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Answer by Sidonia

There could be a range of antibiotics available instead that are anti - inflamitory and help to reduce the red flaming areas and reduce irritation. Hemp butter soly by the body shop is also extremley good for sensitive skin. Shea Butter helps more to smooth the skin that to heal it. Try washing your clothing products with an allergy friendly washing powder. Furthermore try chainging your sheets at night regularly.

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