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... Vauxhall swing from modern avant guarde to bland with each successive mark of this particular car. The Mk 1 was a decent enough car but looked boxy and uninspiring, it was a cracking good drive in its day, especially the 1.8 GTE model. The Mk 2 was revolutionary. The smooth flowing aerodynamic ... Read review
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car in shop flywheel problems now its my starter motor cant starter motors be tested to see if there working

can starter motors be tested to see if they are workimg before ordering a new one

khandford44355 09.11.2011

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Question about Vauxhall Astra 1.7 CDTi 16v

Answer by katmandieux

Yes, they can. Any good auto parts store should be able to test a starter. The catch is that you have to remove the starter from your car and take it in in a bag, so to speak. However, you say you also have flywheel problems. There are teeth around the circumference of the flywheel that a gear on the starter meshes with when you start your engine. Often, when the starter gear teeth go bad they ruin the flywheel.

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