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... That was until I found the Vileda Magic mop - flat in my local Wilkinson's store. It has the old trademark red and blue of Vileda, but unlike many of their other products I've tried this actually works. It describes itself as 'no more wet floors', and it really does work. The blue ... Read review
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How does it work? How do you squeeze the water of the mop?

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GraceHall 27.11.2011

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Question about Vileda Magic Mop - Flat

Answer by dawnmarywhite

There's a part on the handle, that when you push it, it folds the sponge part in half therefore squeezing the excess water out. To get the sponge flat again and ready to use on the floor you simply pull the part on the handle back towards you. I think it's a little tricky to explain, but if you get one you will see how it goes, and you'll get the hang of it straight away.

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