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I have now bought 4 different contract mobiles from this site over the last few years and each time the service has been excellent. They are a part of the Carphone Warehouse, so it's part of a big and reputable company which offers some peace of mind. Each time, they have promised next day ... Read review
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Do send the cashback redemption or are they one of those con dealers who sell and disappear?

Hello everyone, Has anybody received cashback redemptions from How often do they send you the checks?

Ceastar 14.03.2010

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Answer by supercheetham

I've had no end to troubles from about the redemption process. The first month I had to e-mail them 2 or 3 times before they confirmed my request had been submitted and received. Back in December I used the form on their website twice but received no word from them about it. I then e-mailed them directly which took about a week for them to get back to me. They said they had no record and when I tried to escalate it just ignored me.

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