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... They had the Royalties and the Royalties Gold Account. With the Royalties was included an Accidental Death cover of £5000 along with other benefits. With £10 you have £10,000 accidental death cover (of course £10,000 its not much but is ok for my circumstances).I was tempted. I was paying ... Read review

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Community Level 5vassilis73


Royalties Gold Account-Royal Treatment

AdvantagesInclusive annual travel insurance,free membership of Virgin Wines Club,25% off theatre tickets etc

Disadvantages£10 a month

"...I received a package from Royal Bank of Scotland. The package had 2 Royalties Gold Membership cards, a Travel Insurance and Policy Document, a 56 page Service Guide and a 200 page Royalties Gold Member’s Guide to Hotels & Restaurants. What is Royalties Gold Account offers: Discounted personal loans or car buyer’s loans. Up to 1.5%APR if the loan is over £3000 and 1% APR off smaller loans. They only thing you have to do is to call the free ..." Read review

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AdvantagesUnique bank card, interest, freebies, life lesson!!!

DisadvantagesFree texts only available on Orange.

"...found the perfect one from Royal Bank of scotland. The REVOLVE account is specifically for 11- 18 year olds. It took a while to finally register, but only because they are very detailed about identity details needed to join, which to me is a very good thing. The benefits are really good. He gets 3.5% interest on money paid into his account , also there are discounts available such as cinema tickets, rail tickets and mobile phones. If they ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gazereth


The One Account

AdvantagesPaying off your mortgage quickly and saving you thousands of pounds

DisadvantagesYou need a lot of common sense and future vision to benefit from this account

"...it up at my local Royal Bank of Scotland. As for the common sense approach to this account. You can take payment breaks when you like, take more money out on your house and buy a car, holiday or home improvements, as long as you pay the interest the One Account are happy. But I can not emphasise enough that if you don't pay the debt, then you will stay in debt, it is the same no matter if it is a credit card bill or £100,000 on your house….the debt ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ali007


Student Royalties Account

AdvantagesGood interest free overdraft, nice piece of plastic, lots of branches

DisadvantagesOnline banking a chore to setup, customer service should be better

"...to any of my enquires. The Royal Bank of Scotland's student Royalties account was recommended to me by a friend, however I wasn't too keen as a year earlier I had tried to open a current account with them and was dismayed with the way I was treated by staff, and abruptly left the branch. This time I was more determined to open an account due to their excellent interest free overdraft - up to £2000. The account comes with the all important switch ..." Read review

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Community Level 1karenarmst...


Very Poor Service

AdvantagesFine if you have plenty of cash

DisadvantagesVery high charges, staff that will say anything to get you off the telephone

"...was recently treated by the Royal Bank of Scotland recently. I have also had a similiar problem in the past on two seperate occasions so it must be fairly common. My boyfried has had an account with the bank for the past 9 years from schooldays to post university. He has also had a hefty authorised overdraft mainly accrued from his student days. Two weeks ago he went to withdraw cash from the dispenser only to discover that his overdraft had been ..." Read review

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