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Raa Raa the Noisy Lion (Nintendo DS)

Genre: Kids/Family - Publisher: Avanquest Software - Age Rating: 3+

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Review of "Raa Raa the Noisy Lion (Nintendo DS)"

published 29/04/2017 | jb0077
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It has been fun all the reads and rates I have received were highly appreciated thank you.
Pro Plenty games and puzzles to keep the younger players happy.
Cons It is not as popular a theme as Peppa Pig.
Value for Money
Difficulty & Complexity

"Fun for kids With Raa Raa on Nintendo's DS."

Raa Raa the Noisy Lion (Nintendo DS)

Raa Raa the Noisy Lion (Nintendo DS)

Raa Raa the Noisy Lion Jingly Jangly Adventures came to my attention a couple of years ago by chance, we were looking for programmes on the box for the little one to watch. She at the time was indifferent to how she felt about the show, since she hit three and onwards our little lass started asking for Raa Raa (it still isn't her favourite) to be put on, so with regard to that I decided to see what else I could get and that is how we ended up with Raa Raa the Noisy Lion Jingly Jangly Adventures on Nintendo's DS.

My Purchase of This Game

So I bought this game for my daughter who still would rather play the Peppa Pig ones but this one gives her the option to play something else at least. I paid £5 for this one complete but second hand, prices online start at £6 for used and around£20 new.

The Game

For those that do not know Raa Raa is an animated television programme featuring Raa Raa the Noisy Little Lion and his friends, it is set in (as the title song calls it) the Jingly Jangly Jungle. This game features some of those characters in this very simple game.

This game is basically a collection of mini games set over five categories that are select from the main menu by simply using the stylus to tap the corresponding icons to get you where you want to go. It is an extremely simple system designed no doubt for this games target audience and more importantly it means you won't hear those dreaded words "I need help" all too often.

Games To Play

So five categories to choose from here and we start with...

Pressing on the action category and confirming the selection by tapping the tick box will take you to a second screen with the three games that are available in the category, and so we have...

Catch Ooo Ooo.
You will see six bushes and all you have to do here is tap on Ooo Ooo the monkey when he appears while the time bar runs down and at the end you will be given your score. The game can be played on three difficulties and the difference between them is how long the characters that appear remain to be tapped, this is a nice simple game for the younger gamers.

Raa Raa's Bucket Run.
This is a scrolling game where you use the stylus to guide Raa Raa along the path avoiding the obstacles and collecting the buckets for scoring purposes until you reach the finish line. It is a little more tricky when compared with the first game but should not prove too difficult for the youngest players.

Butterfly Bedlam.
This is very much similar to the first game Catch Ooo Ooo, but here there are five bushes and a hole. The goal of this game is to tap on a butterfly when it is on a bush but not when it is over the hole. Suffice to say that is simple enough and like in Catch Ooo Ooo you have a limited amount of time to rack up a score.

Yes now we are into the second category and in here we have four games to play...

Topsy's Towers.
This is a bit of a tricky one to get right (on hard) the game is simple enough though, you have a stack of logs and depending on the difficulty depends how many logs you have in the stack. On hard there are four and the stack sits on a pad on the left side of the screen and you have to move the stack to the right hand side. It seems simple enough but you can only move a single piece at a time and a small piece can only go on top of a bigger piece which is where it gets a little tricky.

Jungle Jigsaw.
This is a fun one for the kids as all you need to do is make the jigsaw, there are usually one or two pieces in place or close to it. You simply move the remaining pieces into place and they will automatically slot in when they are in the correct position, so it is nice and simple.

Raa Raa's Sliding Tiles.
Ah yes the dreaded slide tile game, yes that is exactly what this one is, you just tap the tile that you want to move to make the picture match the one above and standard slide tile rules apply. The only problem with this game is all that tapping might drive you insane regardless of who is actually playing.

Crocky's Toothbrush.
In this one Crocky on the right and his toothbrush is on the left and he needs to get there. Oh no though, the path is all messed up... you need to swap the pieces out to make a hew path by tapping on the one you want and then the one you want to swap with or visa versa.

And so two categories down and here is the next and there is just the one game here and that is...

Toot Toot Huffty.
This is a repeat the steps game, Huffty plays a tune and you have to copy it. Toot's instrument is a set of wooden flutes that he blows in and so you will see the five flutes and all you have to do is copy the routines he plays. The note light up when played which makes things easier, plus unless you switch the standard game music off it will be playing in the background as well.

Brain Teaser.
Here I am at the penultimate category now and there are two games to choose from here...

Match the Pairs.
This is a very obvious game, you have to find all the pairs before the time runs out, the number of pairs relates to the difficulty selected.

Zebby's Word Game.
If you did not guess then this is a word search game, the game follows standard word search rules as well. This is actually a pretty good one as well as the words are listed in the upper screen with the letter grid shown in the lower screen.

This is the last selection and there are five games featured here...

Hide and Seek.
Another against the clock game here and what you have is both screens showing the same scene with the lower screen having characters on it. The upper screen displays anywhere from one to whatever of the characters on the top screen then they vanish and you tap the ones you remember seeing each time until the clock runs out.

Jingly Jangly Silhouettes.
Against the clock again here and what you must do is match the silhouettes, these are shown on the upper screen and a bunch of characters in different poses are on the lower screen and you select the ones you think are being shown on the upper screen.

Spot the Difference.
We all know the premise for this game of course, there are two pictures displayed on the DS and they look the same but one will have a number of differences. You just have to spot them then tap the screen where you think the difference is, if you are right you get a tick and if you are wrong you get a cross. It is a simple enough game but ironically it is the only game you can really lose as there is a limited number of x's available to you.

Crocky's Lost and Found.
Another very simple game here as you will see a list of items written on the top screen and a there is a lot of pictures of items on the bottom screen. All you have to do is find the listed items in the bottom screen.

Who's New.
This one is a little more tricky, you are shown a scene with a number of characters pictured. After a couple of seconds the characters vanish and appear on the bottom screen but there will be new ones added and you need to mark who is new.

The Gameplay

This game is one hundred percent touch screen based so it is obviously super simple to play, the games are also simple enough all with difficulty selection on each to make them a little more challenging should the need arise. My opinion in this area is that it is perfectly fine although I did have a little bit of an issue with touch recognition on some of the games.


The graphics here are fine and your kids would easily be able to recognise the characters in all aspects of this game, provided of course they are fans of the show itself. Everything about the layout of the game is perfectly on theme which I think is great, meaning there are no random themes to the games all of them are designed so that they look like they should belong as part of Raa Raa's world which is great.


Err audio what audio? Nah there is audio but it is not great audio. Firstly there are some sound effects in some of the games which is perfectly fine. Then there is the music audio which is... eh well not so fine, in fact the music is Raa Raa's opening song from the television show and that would be okay except... it is repeated over and over and over and... you get the idea. Unless you turn it off the theme song just repeats and so if your child insists on playing with the music on you might want to hand them the headphones or buy a pair of earplugs.

The Verdict From jb0077

Honestly I rate this as a good game which I feel is a fair rating but the game has flaws, the touch sensitive screen sometimes was not quite so sensitive when I was playing, the music is a constant repeating theme song and the theme for this game is not the popular powerhouse that is the likes of say Peppa Pig which seems to have one heck of an audience. Still Raa Raa's collection of simple easy to play games that still manages to bring somewhat of a challenge will certainly appeal to fans of the show and maybe just maybe draw some more in.

Thanks for reading, ©jb0077 2017.

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  • Angel19819 published 14/06/2017
    vh, my daughter loves watching rara on a morning
  • fiqoex published 19/05/2017
    i'll try to buy for my daughter
  • FlameKira28 published 18/05/2017
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Product Information : Raa Raa the Noisy Lion (Nintendo DS)

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Genre: Kids/Family - Publisher: Avanquest Software - Age Rating: 3+

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