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Shower gel & shampo with natural herbal extracts renowned for their refreshing properties.

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published 12/08/2017 | Chippytarka
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I've been so busy recently I didn't fully understand the changes that were going on with this site. I've thoroughly enjoyed it on here and the place has helpedcme so much with my writing skills. Time to say goodbye.......
Pro Great price, good amount of product, lovely smell, cleans without irritation
Cons None
Does it smell good?
Value for money

"A Refreshing Showering Experience!"

You would hope that as you get older your life would become less hectic. Surely being a teenager or in your early twenties is the busiest times of your life? Wrong! I'm well past those ages and find being a working mum of 2 chaotic, and it doesn't help that despite lack of sleep and tiredness, I have a strange obsession with wanting and needing to squeeze in as much productive activities in my day to day life. So for me it's very important that in the morning I can have a reasonably quick and effective shower, and in the evening a relaxing and luxurious bath. This is one of the products I'm currently using. Bought from Home Bargains, this comes in a 500ml size at a cost of £1.00.

Why did I buy this?

I now have two very different sets of bath and shower products in my bathroom. One is what I would call my fancy, top end products which I try to use sparingly but use when I want to treat myself. The other set of products I have are what I would call everyday products. These are the pieces that tend to be cheap and cheerful, and are used more or less everyday. And if I use the whole bottle in one go it really doesn't matter due to cost and availability. I bought this shower gel because I had never used it before and was interested to see what it was like. The size and cost was very enticing, and I liked the sound of the fragrance this came in. And I thought this could be a great product for both bath and shower.

What is this supposed to do?

This is a shower product designed to clean the skin, but provide an experience that brings the outside in, thanks to its particular fragrance.


This 500ml product is housed in exactly the same way as the standard 250ml size version of this shower product so slightly different in look compared to the picture on this site. Almost a tear drop shaped bottle but flat on the bottom as it stands up right. Clear and see through in colouring but the lid is green. To dispense product flip the lid up, turn it upside down and squeeze.

On the front the brand logo is visible in the middle along with images of oranges and eucalyptus leaves surrounding it. Product scent is mentioned, size, what it is and the fact my version has 100% free included. On the back a brief mention of what this product can do, how to use, ingredients list, company contact details and once opened shelf life which is 12 months.


Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Glycerin,
Polyquaternium-2, Sodium Lactate, Parfum, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Benzyl Alcohol, Citral, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool, CI 42090, CI 47005.

How to use

No surprise here..squeeze out, lather up over body and rinse!

What did I think?

Although the price for this and this size I've noticed hasn't changed where I usually shop, and is readily available, it's still a great price. Considering its on the same shelf as the 250ml size and it's priced exactly the same is pretty much a no brainer which one I will pick up. Even at the 250ml size it's a fair price, double the size even better,so great value.

Packaging I find fits in well with the brand overall, if you compare it to other products available. It's quite simple, but tells you what you need to know design and appearance wise. It looks like a nice enough product perfect for everyday use which this is. It's also instantly recognisable because if I have a quick look on the shelf, half asleep, I can tell this is Radox which is a marketing dream I can imagine. But in use in the bathroom this sits upright on its own which is good, and I don't have to hang it off anything which I hate. Shape wise it's perfect to grab onto and hold. The plastic is of a decent thickness, and the lid itself requires little effort or strength to pull up or close.

The scent of this is a hard one to describe, but a pleasant one. The first thing you notice is its definitely fresh and clean, and is one of those scents which most people won't be offended by, and ideal for both men and women. To me it does have a slight marine element to it. To say I can pick up the individual notes of citrus and eucalyptus is one I can't say yes or no for sure. It's one of those combinations where when added together it's hard to smell the difference. What I would say is beneath the marine like scent to it there is a slight sweetness although very slight, which you would most of the time expect from some citrus notes. As for the minty type scent....I can only assume this is the clean bit. Either way it's not the most obvious fragrance to pick to pieces but it's a lovely fresh and clean one which isn't too strong and very uplifting. It makes this an ideal product for the shower in the morning just before the start of the day. The scent you smell in the bottle is exactly what you smell when this product is in use.

The look of the shower gel is what you would expect in consistency compared to similar products out there. It's smooth and clear, has a decent thickness to it but loose enough to dispense with ease. Green in colour which works well with the fragrance.

This is one of those rare products I use 50% of the time in the shower and 50% of the time in the bath. Alot of products out there you would think should work in both, but I tend to find at least half seem to be better suited used in one way or the other. But this is one I find to be perfect for both. In the bath I use 1 large squirt and it lathers up beautifully. It tints the water slightly to a shade of a very muted green which after awhile pretty much disappears. But the bubbles are small and quite firm, and lots are produced. They take a good amount of time to disappear and even after sitting in the bath for at least 30 minutes at least half are still present. The water itself felt nice and I find the bathing experience with this very relaxing. In the shower this foams up very easily and quickly on a sponge, and the lather/foam is quite creamy in consistency. Easy to wash off, and using this product in both bath and shower I do feel very clean after use which is important, especially after a shower. My skin once out doesn't feel dry or irritated which is important for me as I suffer from psoriasis. And although my skin is playing up in this department at the moment, I don't feel this product has affected it in anyway. I don't feel as if I have to reach for a body lotion or cream quickly as my skin doesn't feel tight just clean and normal.

If you were to smell your skin straight after use, you can faintly pick up the scent of this product but it's not obvious. And it doesn't linger too. I think that's quite important as I didn't buy this product to scent myself with. Some bathing products I want their scent to stay on me because of how they smell e.g if it's a specific type of scent. This is more for everyday use so I really don't want to smell this throughout the day. Smelling it while washing myself is perfect and quite sensory and that's all I want from it. Then it means I can add whatever lotion I want, especially if it has a scent to it, and perfume/bodysprays without anything clashing or being too over the top and heady.

This is a big bottle, and what I like about the size and price is you don't have to be frugal with the amount you use. And it's perfect if there's more than one person using this in the family. I have to admit I am one of those people who use more of a product than what I should, but if I'm honest this does go along way so should last the average user a decent amount of time.

Would I buy this again?

Most definitely! It's a product that I feel slips into my daily bathing routine easily and well. It does what it says on the bottle which is cleans, refreshens and provides a nice bathing experience. And the size, price and availability of this product for me means this a great buy.

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Shower gel & shampo with natural herbal extracts renowned for their refreshing properties.


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