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Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine

1 CD(s) - Rap Metal - Label: Epic - Distributor: Sony Music/Arvato Services - Released: 20/05/2002 - 5099747222429

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Review of "Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine"

published 23/07/2002 | SachTen
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"The Call For Rage"

This is first of the four reviews I’ll be writing on my favorite band till now. Starting from their self-titled debut album in 1991 to the last Renegades in 2000 after the lead vocalist-rapper-Screamer front man Zack De La Rocha left the band. I will be mainly writing about the music and sparing politics thing since I don’t think I’m a right person to comment over it.

Also please bear with my long reviews over this band. I just can’t write a passing by article over a talented band which has become a part of my life since release of The Matrix
Sounds irrelevant? Nah! Just Go Ahead. The answer is coming.


It all started when I first saw ’The Matrix . I was highly impressed by the Sci-Fi flick for it’s outstanding concept and special effects. At the end of the movie when Neo( Keanu Reeves) gets hold of the Matrix world, he warns us about the future consequences with messages flashing out on the screen,
’ I know you’re out there,
I can feel You now

Where we go from here is the choice I leave up to you’
Then a sudden burst of heavy guitar riff bass and drums impend your way, hacking the thin air of uncertainty, fear about the virtual world around you. The haunting track charges your eardrums leaving a right kind of emotion well suited for a Bullet Dodging world of Machines. I was so charged up by the song, I couldn’t resist myself from downloading the mp3 same day. The song was ‘Wake Up’ by a band named ’Rage Against The Machine’. The song title and band name may be misleading at first because of the nature of movie it was put in to. Actually the song has nothing to do with movie subject. The ‘Wake Up’ here doesn’t advise us to be aware of The Artificial Intelligence powered future machines but rather gives a call to wipe out social injustice and racism. The ’Machine’ signifies the adulterated Social System infected by the communal discrimination, corruption and unjust capitalism.


The Los Angeles based quartet was formed in 1990 with,

Zack De La Rocha – Vocals
Tom Morello – Guitar
Tim Commerford – Bass
Brad Wilk – Drums

An explosive starting track well comparable with actual Bomb. It starts of with Tim’s kicka** bass and explodes in to heavy riffs with Zack screaming
’Here we’re with another Bombtrack…
When you want to convey your anger filled message against the injustice in our society it can’t be with soft Saxophone, Piano or Acoustic Guitar. It has to be with distortion guitar, well-situated screams, heavy bass and ear bustin’ Drums. There are peaceful ways to convey your point but that’s not rage. Can you imagine Pop artists, for instance N’sync boys screaming in Pop to lash out their critics? No, they always need to be Sweet, Cute, dancing to put their point of view. So everything has its place where it can fit and suite.
The incredible thing about Rage guys is they have made themselves a place and a fitting suite. Their music is mixture of Hip-hop, Metal, and Rock. I would only say,
This is Hard Rock Fellows!
Rating: 5/5

Killing In The Name
The song is rated 89 th in the Guitar World Magazine’s Top 100 Greatest Guitar Solos.(see my review on www.guitar.about.com for details). Not much of lyrical message in this song. Only teen pleasing desperate scream of F*** You I won’t do what you tell me. I would still rate this song maximum for brilliant guitar playing by Tom with powerful riffs. I could go praising him here but will keep some for rest of reviews.
Rating: 5/5

Take the Power Back
This song has my most favorite solos. I would put this track ahead of Killing in the Name. It starts with a catchy bass and picks up the tempo with addition of guitar. A softest song on the CD. The solo is extremely fast and rhythmic. Zack’s rapping is great and as usual. The vocalist of the band often gets criticized for his desperate screaming and over enthusiastic rapping. But if you ask me he is the right person to fit in because the energy he adds to those unusual sounds is unparalleled. A conventional rapper cannot imitate the anger in his voice. A salute to you Mr. Zack.
Rating: 5/5

Settle for Nothing
All you who are new to Rage and hard rock should start with this track and pick up as you go along. This is one of the typical Rage style songs. Starts of with a haunting slow and melodic note, almost gives you a feel of Love song or a ballad. But the sound shoots out with a heavy riff. The subject matter is haunting too. It is about the lower end or poor of the society element who never get a chance to succeed. So Zack screams out a militant response with a call to rebel,
If we don't take action now
We settle for nothing later
Settle for nothing now
And we'll settle for nothing later
It is really amazing how Zack manages his lyrics in both rap style and ballad style yet rebellious and raging.
Rating: 5/5

Bullet In The Head
I was fortunate to watch guys actually playing in the video of the song. Tim plays a shred of bass note then Zack raps on hip-hop bits. Often drummers get away unnoticed but its drums only, to which we tap our feet, bang our heads, jump and do whatever we can to enjoy. So I must credit Brad’s hard-hitting drumming over here. The subject matter is kind of an eye-opener. As mentioned by one of the reviewers it laments the popification of our culture, which has intruded our homes making ability to think on your own, disappear. The chorus is really hard and cool.
Rating: 5/5

Know Your Enemy
This is a Famous and most liked song on the disk. The start will definitely make you feet
Tap against the floor. Then a rocking riff followed by blasting drums will change the mood completely. Tom calls it a one of the shred song he had composed and liked to play at concerts.
And hold down your horses ‘cause we have Maynard Keenen Jamesof Tool playing a cameo role by singing,
I got no Patience now
So sick of complacence now
The song warns us about enemies we encounter everyday in the form of teachers educating their pupils by self-defeating ideas, politicians forcing their opinions on the public. It asks us to identify our enemies and fight them.
Rating: 5/5

Wake Up
Because of this song the band is called a Led Zeppelin
Rip of since it’s riffs sound similar to Kashmir. I would say nothing in the music is unique and something has to sounds like something, or frankly Tom has a clear influence of Jimmy Page over his playing. He is like today’s Jimmy Page. A powerful song well chosen for Matrix sound track.

Fistful of Steel
You may ask if had to give 5 stars to all songs then why did I uses separate 7 line for it. Here’s the song which slightly changes it.. Personally I feel Tom wanted to sound the riffs very hard on this one. But somehow bass is suppressed or not that thick to support the idea. It sounds like a lame Korn song without leaving any effect on the mind. Though the tune is very catchy. Live version of the song is more audible than the studio version.
Rating: 4/5

Township Rebellion
Why stand on a silent platform
Fight the war and F*** the norm
The title explains it all. It asks to people from town and villages to come out and rebel against the injustice and lack of freedom. What I love on the song is chorus and the sound of the guitar at last verse. Thanks to guitar notes on the song it is made by ‘Wah’ Pedal.
Rating: 4.5/5

Subject matter is a delicate one, about racism. The song explodes then dies out again explode. Very weird song with a soothing solo. The song stop in between, Zack screams,
you’re anger is a gift and chorus. A perfect end to a masterfully orchestrated all time great hard Rock album.
Rating: 5/5

I wanted to write a lot but it would have become too boring. The album is recorded during 1990 and all I can say is they were at least 7 year ahead of time with their music.
It is really amazing how their musical style changed with time. The next to self-titled album is a live bomb called, Evil Empire. I hope you’ll be there.
Till then REBEL, YELL and REBEL.

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  • singingbush published 25/06/2004
    Good review, fantastic band. Pity they didnt keep going - am not so keen on Audioslave.
  • katiecottonsocks published 06/03/2003
    I think that was a great album - it has really stood up over time in my opinion. Still gets me dancing (and everyone else in the clubs i go to) so it must be good! x
  • mysticguy published 15/08/2002
    great op dude... u had me head banging all the way !!
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