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Ready-to-Eat Food

We hope, you will find the suitable product for you in our Ready-to-Eat Food section. You can choose from categories like ready meals, pies, pizzas or prepared sandwiches among others. Read our reviews, compare prices and don`t forget to share with the other Ciao members your opinion. We also would like to recommend ... more

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Ready Meals
Healthier (26)
Chinese (28)
Italian (37)
Indian (25)
British (18)
Dressed Salads
Ready Pies, Pizzas & Quiches
Sweet Pies (22)
Pizza (26)
Beef Pies (20)
Quiche (14)
Other Pies (13)
Prepared Sandwiches

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Very surprised with this product,,,Well done Mr Asda

05.08.2016 Review of ASDA Smartprice Potato Salad

"...my local asda the other week and as its spring i tend to eat alot of salad type things. I came across asda smartprice potato salad and was amazed at how cheap it was at 48 pence i just couldn't walk past it, i had to give it a whirl ..."

Read full review by Paranoid_Android

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More Pepper than Pukka

18.01.2016 Review of Pukka-Pies All Steak Pie

"The Pukka Pies are currently on offer. Whilst this still makes them rather expensive for what you get, they happen to be a favourite of my family mainly due to their size. This review though, is my opinion, not theirs! Normally retailing at around £1.50 ..."

Read full review by LUNAH_C

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Bol Sri Lankan Lentil Sambar - total bol..... indeed

19.11.2015 Review of BOL Sri Lankan Lentil Sambar

"...with what to eat for lunch as I’m trying to cut down on my bread intake at the moment (I find I diet better in the autumn). When I spotted these little pots of Bol on offer in Sainbo’s at £2 a pop (rather than the usual £3.70), I thoug ..."

Read full review by cr01

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Why did the lobster blush? Because the sea weed.

10.11.2015 Review of Yutaka Sushi Nori

"I love trying out new recipes, and one of the things I tried making recently was some sushi rolls. I'm quite lucky in where I live because there are quite a few international supermarkets, so I don't tend to struggle to find the more exotic ingredients, b ..."

Read full review by Nymphypig

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