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CRAPADoDo 2008
Review of Should review writers meet? by atticusuk

Advantages: Could get marriage offers
Disadvantages: Could get marriage offers

Dear Almighty Ruling Super Emperor I felt I simply had to write to you to tell you how much I enjoyed the meet that you organised especially as it was my first time. I do hope we did not get off on the wrong foot when I sniggered when another attende ... Read review

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Clever....Been to one Ciao do in Birmingham many moons ago....Would be disinclined to attend another, as to be honest, it was really just an excuse for an almighty booze and s*x binge!....Ken by the_mad_cabbie
a great review, this is hilarious!! H xxx by Punkychik

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very helpful

15.05.2007 18:33
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