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Very flimsy for the price paid! Ps3 controller
Review of Sony Official PS3 SIXAXIS Wireless Controller by Jl329

Advantages: Lightweight and easy to use, great buttons and joysticks!
Disadvantages: Price and build quality

Introduction: I am very partial to a game on the PS3, I have owned many of these controllers over the last 5 or so years and have had many issues with them, mainly due to there build quality which I believe is not up to scratch. However, they do play wel ... Read review

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Nice and concise. by 1st2thebar
Welcome to ciao by catsholiday

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22.06.2014 14:49
The Standard of PC GamePads!
Review of Logitech Gamepad F310 by demuspetrus

Advantages: Robust, fits for all users, compatibility is great, feels good in hand.
Disadvantages: none.

Ever since Playstation 1 controllers were released, the general type of gamepads were much the same. Two analog sticks and vibration were Playstation DualShock, and after that not much have changed. The rest of difference is about quality. The feel of con ... Read review

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17.06.2014 06:46
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