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13 Months of Sunshine
Review of General: Ethiopia by grape_nehi

Advantages: Travel on the cheap!
Disadvantages: Sometimes things just don't work.

Ethiopia is one of Africa's most fascinating countries to visit. The tourist posters for Ethiopia often use the slogan, "Ethiopia: Thirteen Months of Sunshine". How does Ethiopia get that extra month of sunshine each year? It's easy! They still use an anc ... Read review

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I'd already rated before I read the comment below, and hadn't noticed the category heading (shame on me!) I've decided to leave my rating as it stands, in anticipation of it's being moved to the right place, as this was such a well written and interesting piece. Yes, please do give us some more about Ethiopia when you've had this one moved -as Duncan says, you have a wealth of knpwledge on the subject! Karen by silverstreak
This is a very good review of Ethiopian Airlines, a much less good review of Ethiopia as a whole, which is meant to be the product category. Strictly speaking, your review might even be Off Topic, but I've rated it Helpful, since I got enough info on Ethiopia from it to justify that. Sorry. However, you might like to consider getting this review moved to become a review of Ethiopian Airlines and writing another about Ethiopia in general. That would be really welcome, since you clearly know a lot about this fascinating country. Duncan by torr
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27.10.2005 12:41
Addis Ababa as a travel destination
Review of Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) by floss

Advantages: Not touristy, inexpensive, interesting history, safe
Disadvantages: Poverty

...history. When we arrived in Addis Ababa I got the shakes from the altitude (over 2, ... Read review

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Really helped to get an impression of what it would be like to go there. Very helpful as it is a place that a lot of people would be afraid to go to. by richarpo
This made very interesting reading as my school has very close links with a school in Ethiopia (in Gondar???) Cheers, James. by Disillusioned
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